I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


10. 4 Months Together And Its All Gone

 4 months later


Today is our 4 month anniversary and im so happy, my life has been perfect since the day he asked me out and today is out 4 month anniversary and he is planning it. I wonder what it is but there is something in me that says something bad is going to happen but I just ignore it, what could possibly go wrong.

It is a sunny day in Miami, just like my mood, its sunny warm and happy. Right know what im doing is getting ready, Matthew said to dress in something to go to the beach so what I got was a short summer skirt that is blue just like the ocean and my top is a white strapless tube top with a pair of cream colored sandals. Emma and Lily are finishing my make up, and I was so surprised when Lily wanted to help with my make up, because I mean she isn't the type of girl to wear make up and stuff. Anyways I am really excited and I cant wait to be with the boy of my dreams, both of us holding hands.

As my two sister finish up on my make up, which is water blue eye shadow, light aura lip gloss, a little bit of mascara and eye liner, also a little bit of pink blush. I stand up and look at myself on the mirror which is in the corner of my room, when I see my reflection I gasp, omg i look amazing!!

I hug my two sisters and i head out the door, i say a quick bye to everyone which is Roger, Mariana, Axel, Lily And Emma and i head out the door where Matthew is leaning on his black Mustang. I walk towards him and he opens the door for me and i get in the passenger seat. He goes all around his car and he gets into the drivers seat and he starts to drive. We drive in awkward silence, and the weirdest thing is that he isn't holding my hand, that's strange.

We stop and i see the sun setting, i see the beach and the waves hit the rocks and slowly drift away. Matthew gets out of his car, and goes around to open my door but i open it myself, i feel something strange that i never felt before, something that i just ignore. We walk and walk until i see a table sitting in the middle of the beach with a perfect view of the sunset. Matthew pushes out the chair for me to sit down and i start to take a seat.

We both stay quiet until Matthew breaks it. "Destiny i need to tell you something," he says, then i feel excitement rise up, oh my gawd i have been waiting for ever!! I just nod my head and i smile," umm how can i say this.." my smile gets a little bigger," I want to break up," he says a little to fast, and my smile starts to drift away," What?" i say confused," Destiny i love you but i love someone else," he says looking down to the ground," Oh yeah, i know who it is, Lyzcela, that's why you both give googly eyes to each other," i say furious," Destiny calm down," he says, how can i calm down when you are breaking up with me!! And on our anniversary!!

"Shut up Matthew, instead of calming me down why don't you make out with the bitch of Lyzcela!" i say while i clench my hands into a fist, i stand up and i start to walk," Destiny wait!" he says, but i just ignore him and i walk then i start to run. The tears start to rush down my cheeks, and i don't even bother to turn around because i know he isn't going to run after me and tell me he was just joking. I cant believe that I thought we will be together for ever but everything died about believing in that stupid love, and to think he loved me.

I run and run and run never stopping, I find my way to go home which is close to the beach. I see that im in a different part of town, not far away form where i live, but Emma said to never come here at night. I see that some guys approach me, and i run for my life, my feet start to get numb but i just ignore the feeling.

After a couple of minutes of running away from the guys i find myself on my side of the town, and i see that the guys are no longer following. I walk about 20 minutes until i find my street, and i start to run towards my house. I open the door and everyone is looking at me, but i just cant take it anymore and the tears fall and i run upstairs into my room. This is like what the 5th time i cry for him. He does to much damage to me. I close shut the door and I drop myself on the bed, crying it all out until i feel a hand on my back, i don't turn around to see who it is i just keep on crying and crying.

"Sweetheart everything is going to be okay," A familiar voice says, i turn around to see everyone there, and literally everyone, I see my sisters and my brother, my cousins, and my aunt and uncle, i see all my friends and they all have a sad expressions." How can everything be okay with the fact that the boy of my dreams broke up with me and chattered my heart," I say, and i can see that im breaking all of their hearts because of how im talking and how im feeling," Dessy he is not worth for crying for," Gabby said calling me by my nickname," Gabby thanks I appreciate you helping but right know i just cant get the fact that he likes another girl that isn't me," i say while hugging her, yeah she is the shy one in this group but she is also very encouraging.


"Wake up Dessy, you need to go to school," Lily said trying to make me get out of bed, yeah like that's going to work. "Destiny get up you have been laying in that bed for 3 days know without eating nothing," Axel said with a worried face, I just roll to my other side ignoring them, "Guess we need to get the big guns, BOYS," Emma said, then i feel something cold hit my skin," Oh my Gawd!!!! What the fridge!!!" i yelled with  cold water soaking in on me," Well you wouldn't get up so there it is," says Roger, I give Luis, Joe and Roger a death glare and they all take a step back.

"Fine ill go shower!" i screamed and i said 'UGH' in frustration, i stood up from my bed and started to waddle over to my restroom leaving a droplet trail behind me.

When i finish showering, I put a towel around me, and i start to walk over to my walk-in-closet. I just grab really skinny jeans, A  black off shoulder dolman tunic and blue black and white NIKE high top shoes, I go to my drawer and i grab a white bra and white panties too. I quickly throw them on, and i start to brush my hair and my teeth and i grab my backpack. I go downstairs to find my friends, my siblings and my two cousins there," Happy know," i say sarcastically, everyone just nods and i just roll my eyes.

I go towards Ed and i unlock it, my stomach starts to growl because i haven't had anything to eat and i just ignore it. I drove off following Rogers car and my friends cars are all behind me.

We reach school and i just feel like throwing up, i feel sick of the fact that Matthew is here. I close my eyes and i take a big breath and i open the door and step out grabbing my backpack in the process, feeling dizzy already but i just shake my head to take all the horrible things awaiting in there.

Gabby and Teresa link arms with me and drag me towards school with everyone else following behind, we walk in and the first thing i hear is people telling me 'Sorry' and 'Will you go out with me' from people everywhere, everyone surrounds me and i loose Teresa and Gabby. I then feel a hand dragging me away form the crowd," Damn so many people asking you out," Roger says, i just nod and i hug him.

My Friends and Roger and Lily are all surrounding me making sure no more people get to me, see this is one of the things of why not to come to school. We all make our way towards our first class and of course i see that Lyzcela is in Matthews lap giggling, . I roll my eyes, there is one thing i forgot to mention im the one that holds a grudge for some reason.

The worst thing is that i need to sit in front of him, ugh i hate my life right know. Instead of sitting in front of him i take a seat next to Maria and Stephanie. I see that Matthew is staring at me, but i just ignore it not looking up to see him I just start to doodle on my notebook.


"Okay and that's all for today," i say quietly, I wish they wouldn't be here right know, but of course they needed to be here they are the new dancers in our group. I go towards the gym showers where everyone else is showering, but im the last one to get out. I change back into my clothes as soon as im finished with my showers. I go in the empty halls and see two people, Matthew and Lyzcela. I see that they are kissing each other in passion like Matthew used to kiss me before. Tears start falling and i cant control them, i run the other way and of course they needed to hear me, I hear voices but i just ignore them and I run towards the other double doors.

I run to the front of the school and i see that my friends are all there, but i ignore all of them and i fast walk towards my car, i get in driving dangerously fast.

I reach home and i see that Rogers car is park on my driveway, i park my car on the side and i walk inside.

"I want to move," i blurt out.

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