Gemma Quinn is a normal girl in the country of Eldham where everyone's lives have been planned out at birth. At least, that's what they thought. Being born with a special necklace that matches up only with their soul-mate's, you'd assume that you'd need to eventually set out to look for them. But what happens when demons are loose in the country and pretending to be others? What happens when you find your soul-mate only to find out that they aren't the real one? Well, Gemma faces this issue when she sets off to find the love of her life and meets two of them. She's forced to play a game where she'll have to commit to her love, but if she loses, she dies... What will happen to her? Read "Commitment" to find out.


1. The Offering

I played with the lavender crescent moon shaped necklace nervously as my mother spoke to me in her normal serious tone. 

"Gemma, I'm being serious! I met your father when I was 16. I think it would be a good opportunity for you to go out and search for him." she persuaded, batting her eyes slightly at me as I shook my head for the millionth time. 

"Mom," I said softly, looking her in the eyes, "I do not want to meet my future husband at the age 15." I thought to myself as the words came out if I really meant it. The necklace was an important thing in everyone's lives. You and one other person share the same one, and one day you go and search for the other person with the same necklace as you. Most people go once they turn sixteen or seventeen, but I'm not so sure if I will at that age. I mean, it would be cool to meet him, but what if I didn't like him? What if he was a crappy person? But since we're "meant to be together", would that mean that we'd be alike? So if he really was crappy, did that mean I was too? I cringed at the thought momentarily, and focused when mom started back up.


"But... you could get to know each other and grow up as a cute teenage couple! You could go to prom and different events either of you have. It'll be adorable." she said lovingly. The thought of doing cute things like that almost made me sick. I didn't think I was very pretty and definitely not the most likeable person on Earth. My soul-mate would be very unhappy with me... If I even have one.


There have been tales of people who never had a soul-mate, and some even born without the necklaces. And what even is a necklace supposed to really do for us? I mean, it's not magical, because magic isn't real. It must be very smart, however, because it's led people together and they normally stay together for a long time. My parents, for example, are absolutely perfect together. If one lacks in something, the other has it there. It's so sweet, it's sometimes sickening. Hopefully my soul-mate will have a lot of social skills and good looks to make up for the both of us. My strawberry blonde hair is wavy and long, but boys prefer girls with blonde hair. That's what they say, at least... "I hope my girl's a blonde." I heard a boy say once. And all the pretty blonde girls have either blue or green eyes, and I'm stuck with hazel ones that cannot simply decide if they want to be brown or green.


I don't mind not being the boys' first choice. That gives me time to focus on other things besides boys for this chunk of my life. School and studies first, and then reading and watching nerdy shows on t.v. on my laptop. I only have a small group of friends who share common interests with me, but I'm not much more social than that... 


"...and then we'll have adorable grandchildren!" mom said happily, her warm brown eyes squinted slightly from her happy smile. My eyes widened a bit, as I was caught completely off guard. I guess I zoned out on this very important conversation.


"Uh, mom... I hate to break it to you that I don't really want to have children before I'm 18... or married."


"Oh, Gemma! Weren't you listening?" she chuckled softly before finishing, "I meant after you're married." 


I shook my head at her and sighed. "I'm sorry mom. I'm just not ready to go and find the one yet. I'm still practically a child. I'm not social at all, so if I do find him I'll probably just stand there awkwardly and stare at him the whole time." She shook her head slightly and chuckled again.


"You're not antisocial, dear. You have friends." she said hopefully.


"Yeah, like five." I mumbled, looking down at my lap. It was true that I only had about five friends. I'd made them all as kids, before I became unsocial, and I like them. I think one friend, or in this case 5, is enough friends, but I won't say that outloud because someone will beg to differ that you can't have enough friends.


"Just please go look for him soon, honey." she asked.


"Maybe," I said, "but I'm not fully sure. Now it's a no."


I don't want to. This offer is something I'm just not ready to make yet.

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