Every thing I ever wanted?


Amelia has always longed for the day when Luke Hemmings would know she existed. Now that that day has arrived she relized that he may not of been the guy she was looking for.


2. An Oppertunity

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Amelia pried open a sleepy eye, "great" she moaned "another day in the hell hole that Is Mangrove High School." She got out of bed humming a few lines of "amnesia" then yanked on a pair of destroyed skinny jeans, a pair of black Vans, and a lose fitting v-neck Ramones shirt. She swiped a brush through her wavy fire red hair and then applied some jet black eyeliner and mascara. She grabbed the keys to her lime green Volkswagen bug and headed off to school. After the 5 minute car ride into the center of the small town of sandy hills Florida she got our. "Hey Ames!" She spotted a familiar head of platinum blond hair in the crowd "Hey Lauren!"she said. Suddenly she noticed that Lauren was unusually perky (even for her normal self) "what's got you all happy and excitable?" Amelia asked. "We'll being your best friend and all I know how much you love 5 seconds of summer, so being the Amazing friend I am I have been entering contests to meet them since you fell in love, and your not going to believe this but, I finally WON.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amelia Roberts you and your best friend in the entire world are going to go on vacation with 5sos on the fantastic island of Maui in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!" "Eeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp!!!!! You are the best friend ever Lauren! I think I love you almost as much as I love Luke!!!!" "When do we leave?" Asked Amelia. "Your mom already knows and is currently packing for you because we are leaving in one hour!!!!!

*if you guys want more or have any ideas of where you want this story to go please reply or comment! Thanks!

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