Every thing I ever wanted?


Amelia has always longed for the day when Luke Hemmings would know she existed. Now that that day has arrived she relized that he may not of been the guy she was looking for.


1. The Begining

Amelia Roberts remembers the day she discovered 5 seconds of summer like it was yesterday. Back them they were just a bunch of hilarious dudes making some freaking AWSOME music, and now they're international rockstars. The day she discovered the band was also the day she fell in love with the most perfect human being on the entire planet, Luke Hemmings. With his sparkling blue eyes, million-dollar smile and perfectly imperfect mop of hair, he was everything she ever longed for in a guy. She constantly was trying to get the love of her life to follow her on twitter and Instagram but without any success she finally gave up hope, until one day at school something that would change her life forever was brought to her attention.

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