Cant Think Properly

A christian girl in high school, all alone. What she has been through is amazing since she has kept her faith. How does she do it? I do not know.


1. First Impressions, First Day


grab your books and you'll be fine. New school, new friends,friends

Hey sweety.

Hey mom, I'm leaving.

Okay. do you want a ride?

I'm okay, I can walk.

You're sure?

Yes mom.

Phone? Check. Books? Check. Glasses and shoes? Check.

Alright. Take a breather, your'e okay. Just ignore everyone and just listen to my happy music,happy,yeah.

Hey I'm Athena.

Oh hi Athena,I'm Bruno.The principal.

Cool, may I have my schedule and locker number?

Yes you may,number 300 on the left down the hall.

Great thanks.

Locker 298,299,300. Here we go. First class, English.

First stop Fun Town...

Alright class who can tell me...


Why hello, who do we have here?


Great,everyone this is Athena, she is new here from Canada.

Headphones in my ears and ignore this world.


Great. Next class,gym.

Alright, enough of this one person speaking thingy.

I'm Athena, the main character. I am christian. And ultimately shy.

Some things about me are, well, I'm an open book. I like basically every genre of music. I like photography on my free time. I go for a bike ride everyday, or I take my long-board. I feel like i have read every romance and adventure book there is for my age. I didn't know this until last week when I switched schools. But those back stabbing "christian" friends of mine did everything in their power to bring me down the nicest way they could. But whatever. Back to the story

*Creak* Hey mom

Hey sweety, how was school?

Great mom...


I'll be upstairs in my room


Up the stairs and into my room...




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