Falling - Zalfie fanfiction

Zoe Sugg is a kind, caring girl who loves to party & have fun. She is a keen you tuber & her subscribers mean the world to her, well apart from Jake of course. When a different side of Jake turns up, there is a fatal shooting & Zoe looses the love of her life.

The normal late night parties turn into late night crying sessions, mourning over the one she felt she would only ever love. Without her friends there to support her, Zoe struggles to deal with it all. The people who have taken her so far in her life as a you tuber also struggle, not being able to have such a great role model give them advice really hurts her but she can't bring herself to film another video.

Then she meets Alfie Deyes a sweet, caring ,fun guy that happens to also have a big interest in YouTube. Alfie helps her get back into filming videos for her worldwide fans. He is perfect & Zoe finds herself falling, falling into the deep, dark, teterous hole we call love.


1. Prologue

~~To my  unfortune,  all seats were taken in the small bar. Giving up I made my way back to my original seat, ignoring the sketchy men who had taken  up the majority of the space.
 What perverts I think to myself as I catch the one sitting closest to me staring at my body. Not so suttlely may I add.
 I ordered my usual Rum and cola and began sipping on my drink, making the best of this night. The man beside me had shifted in his seat so he was now at an incredibly uncomfortable distance from what I would prefer. 
 "M'names Mike"  the man slurred into my ear, holding a dirty hand in front of me. I stared at the hand then back to the man. "i am not interested,  sorry" I replied. The sickening smirk and expression on his face sent chills down my spine. I knew damn well what his intentions were and i am not in the mood.
 "Oh,  playing hard to get are we ?" the man breathed, sliding his hand onto my exposed thigh.
 I gulped looking at the tightly gripped skin he held.
 "No, I am just not interested" i harshly responded before shoving the hand of my thigh. Trying to get up and as far away as I could from the freak,  his fingers tightly wrapped around my wrists , crushing the delicate bones.
 Struggling in his grip,  i look around the bar to seek help, surprised to see  no one had noticed the scene. 
 "Please, let go" i pleaded before the man's rough lips came in contact with my own.  I felt the bile rise in my throat. I bashed my arms and legs around, attempting to push him off me, his grip only tightened making me wince at the pain. Nothing I could do to stop this animal was working and I wished more than anything that I could just  wake up from this disturbing nightmare. 
 Right when I thought I was about to be wished away by the attacker a loud voice boomed through the bar.
 "Get away from her" the mystery voice said. The man looked up, slightly releasing his grip on me as a fist connected with his jaw. The man stumbled backwards, knocking over a table and people's drinks in the process before falling to the floor.
 I looked up and saw the boy from earlier.
 Noticing my confused expression he smiled before introducing himself.
 "Alfie " he smiled. I instantly smiled back, he was.. beautiful.
 A groan came from the ground, snapping me out of my bewilderment .
 The stranger smirked before turning to the ground where the man was lying. I felt a blush rise onto my cheeks once my mind has registered everything that has happened.
 The man looked up at us in confusion,  scrambling away before he could get hurt anymore.
 Alfie Alfie Alfie,  i repeated the name several times in my head, smiling at the way it sounds on my lips before Walking away.

I have a feeling this won't be my last encounter with the boy.


Hey guys.

This Fan fiction will be out late August so please tell me what you think . I am also looking for someone to help me write this so message me if you are interested.

I also want to say, as this fanfiction does have a detailed scene involved and i understand in many  cases, you could of gone through a time like this i would like to say, in absolutly no way possible is the scene mocking nor am i trying to affend anyone and my condolences go out to anyone who has been in a situation like the one i write about. I will warn you before the chapter is published.


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