The video master

4 friends face a challenge in Middle school. They try to show them their videos that they had made, but they just laughed. The films ( that's what their club is called) try their best to try again in high school.


1. Prologue

 Sally wait up!   I stomp my foot, and turn around.  WHAT?!  I scream.  Are you in a bad mood?  Asks Brittany.  No it's just I wanna hurry up come on!  Brittany is a fashionista.  She spends to much time on her hair, clothes, and tries makeup, but her mom doesn't let her.  We're 11.  Pre-teens.  We're the cool guys. We have a group.  Me, Brittany, Ben, and Zack.  We're proud to say we like our group.  We've always been best friends.  Middle school were in.  First years.  We all can't wait to go to high school, but we never knew what it was really like.  Right now, me and Brittany were making our way to our tree house.  That's where we have our group meetings.  I honestly think their boring.  Unless we play games.  Our group was called the films.  Yup just films.  We record us acting out plays.  And then we show them to our class.  Honestly,  their really bad.  But I play along because everyone else thinks we're amazing.  But not this year.  Every video we have showed people,  they just laughed.  In Elementary school,  we were the cool kids.  Not any more........

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