Staying strong

This story is about a girl who loses her sister, her father, and mother in different ways. What happens when she meets Liam Payne? Will her life stay the same or will it change? Read to find out


3. why are you saying sorry

Jenna's POV

I was teaching some 6 year old how to dance but that meant that t have to cover up my tattoos. One of my ballet dancers fell and started to cry. I walked to her. She was close to the mirror and the boys where back there watching me. It sent a shiver downy spine.

"This is hard!" She wined

"I didn't get this until I was your age but we have to keep practicing" I told her

"Ok....," she said

When the class was over, that ment I got to go home too. I was walking behind the mirror to get the boys out.

"That's was lame." Liam said "why are we here anyway let's just go home guys"

They went in one direction and I went the other direction, I was getting into the car when Niall yelled my name.


"What Niall?"

"I just wanted to say sorry for what Liam said today, he just got in a really bad break up."

"Liam should be the one saying sorry because you did nothing" I said starting to get into my car

"Can you come to a dinner party tommorow?"

"I don't have any plans tommorow so yah I'll come. Bye Niall."

"Bye" and with that I left

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