Claim To Fame

It seems the girls have made it. Beverley, Diana and Katy have achieved their dreams. They are the famous girl band that is Judgment!! When the girls meet the famous One Direction, some hearts are taken, then some are Brocken. How do they cope with the fame? Do the couples stay together? Or will everything fall appart? • "Best book I have read in my life!" A unicorn said even though it just learnt to read and this is the first thing it has attempted to read. • "Most heart warming story." Said a dragon who has a burning heart due to constant heart burns. • (Book 1 in the Independence series)


2. A Payne in the ass for Styles


I can't believe that just happened. I just met Simon Cowell. I don't know about going back to England. I mean, yeah it's my home but my tanned skin will not agree with the weather. I hate the weather there. And it's Bev's third birthday in America soon. Why can't we just stay here and record? I suppose that would just be too easy. I need to get my mind off it. I need to go get our bags anyway, maybe have a look around. It's decided. I jump off the sofa I'm spread across and slip my heels on along with my leather jacket.

"I'M GOIN' OUT. BE BACK SOON. TEXT ME IF YOU DIE." I shout. Katy's sitting in her room on her laptop fangirling over One stupid Direction and Bev's in the kitchen eatin' and tweetin'. That's her thing; Tweet what you eat, eat what you tweet. I'm surprised she hasn't eaten Perrie Edwards yet. Stupid obsession. Ross Lynch is soooooo much better then both of them bands. Duh. She's a pig of a best friend. I love her anyway whatever she does. I leave the hotel room, which is more of a large flat, and head towards the lift.

I press the button and wait for it to reach my floor. When it gets here I'm stupid enough to walk strait in without looking. Karma felt like hitting me on the head today so I walked right into someone's chest. "Ow!" They moan.

"Sorry." I say quickly before looking up at him. Shit. Fuck. Crap. Kill me. I'm not one to swear but... AHHHHH. I HATE MY LIFE. I just walked into fucking Harry Styles. What the hell is he doing here? Bobbie didn't say he was here! Scrap that, why is he in California? No, America?

When I realise who he is I barge past him into the glass lift. I press the button to the ground floor and the door begins to close. Harry quickly slides back into the lift before it closes. "Hello. I'm sorry for running into you. I had to apologise." He smiles, running a hand through his brown curls. His green eyes seem to pierce my skin. I want to punch him. What is wrong with me? I'm not the violent one, Bev is! Then again, I'm not sweet like Katy.

"Course you did." I say. He raises his eyebrows at me. "How long have you been in America?" "Almost three years." I try being polite, hoping he will leave when the doors open.

"And you still have a Geordie accent." He smirks. What? I'm not gordie! I'm from the south! "You should hear my friends. English and Irish fully." I laugh to myself remembering Beverley in a skimpy leprechaun outfit and Katy in a dragon suit on my birthday while I wore a Celt, because I'm originally Scottish.

"Ha. My Irish friend hasn't changed to much. What's your friend like?"

"Why? Wanna hook um up?" I joke.

"I believe that was my intention." He winks. "Yeah, well, good luck with that. She's a hand full. No guy has tamed her yet. That's my job, bitch." I say sassily. Yeah, Styles, I am a sassy sass master of sass. Actually that's Bev but I can try. I'm talking about Bev allot ain't I? That's because she's an awesome Queen of Narnia.

"Oh really? Doesn't sound good for my friend...more like me." He smirks wider. What? No! I am not letting my Wolfy Gurl date Harry Styles. Any of the others are okay I guess... but not the curly one! Katy might like him...NO! She hates you setting her up with guys. Stop. "You wouldn't like her either. She's not full on." That's true. She's very...shy when it come to guys.

"Oh really? And are you?" I swear his smirk can't get any bigger.

"No. I'm taken thank you very much. So you can drink from a toilet." I sass. My sassyness is great right? no? Whatever. "Meh. Your not my type anyway." He looks away from me. Oh he didnt?! "Excuse me?" I cross my arms over my chest. "Yep. Your insults are a load of shit." He glances to me.

Ooh, hurt sooooo bad. "You know Styles, you are a player. I wouldn't date you for the world." I sass. I like saying sassy or sassed. Not really sure why. "Oh? So you know who I am?" He seems to be disappointed.

"Yes. Now I must go, goodbye Styles." I stop the lift on a random floor and push him out the door then quickly move the lift on again.

I pull my phone out since I haven't checked it all day.

From: TommyLoverxoxo

hey love how r u? how did 2day go? call me wen u can xxx


hey Tom 2day went well thx. SIMON WANNA MAKE US FAMOUS!!!!! how awsome?! I will call u xxxxxxxxxxx

I slip my phone into my pocket before my phone starts ringing. I answer and hold it to my ear.

Me: Hello?


What the hell? How can she empty the kitchen in an hour?!

Me: Bev, calm. I will talk to reception and you can go down to the cafe for the time being.

Bev: Okay. How do I get there?

Me: Uh...well the lift would be a good start.

Bev: Oh yeah. K bye.

And she hung up. What a nutter.

I approached the front desk after leaving the lift to find the same woman Bev went ape shit on sitting there.

"Um, excuse me? Room 2205 needs a toilet unblocking." I said. She looked up but seemed to look past me. Well eye contact would be nice.

"Welcome back Mr Payne. How can I help you?" She said. What the hell? I followed her gaze to a man behind me. He was tall and broad with short brown hair. "This lady was before me." He nodded to me. English gentleman? "Thank you." I smiled as he returned it.

I turned back to the woman, whom was now glaring at me, and said, "Room 2205 needs toilet unclogging. Thank you." I turned for the back door, giving a smile as I passed the nice man.

I went out the back door towards the garden, it was more of a nature reserve because it was so big and peaceful. I followed the path to come out to a small lake with a bench beside it. I sat down and watched the ducks in the lake for a while. After about 5 minuets I felt a body sit on the bench next to me. I just continued to stare at the duck, whom was now making me watch his bum. Hey, I'm not complaining.

"Sorry about the receptionist. She is a bit ignorant." He said. The person next to me, not the duck. I looked at him to see the man from the front desk earlier.

"That's fine. Thank you for letting me have my turn," I nodded. "Oh? Your British?" He realised an eye brow. "Is it that obvious?" He nodded in response.

"I've been here three years and still, no change." I sigh and slump down into the bench. "Shows you should go home." He said. I stared at his eyes, I know those eyes from somewhere. GOD WHY IS THIS SO HARD??

"What are you staring at?" He asked. Damn was I staring? Oh yeah, I was.

"I know you from somewhere." I said.

"You probably do." He shrugged, "This is a celebrity hotel." He pointed out.

"What's your name?" I asked. "If I told you that I would have to kill you." He winked.v"But what's your name?" Really? "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." I faced away from him.

"Diana Sankey?" I turned back to him, shocked. "How the hell...?" "It's on your phone." He held my BlackBerry up. DAMN IT. Why do I still have a name tag on my phone? That's just stupid. How did he get my phone? Meh, creep. "Oh. Yeah, I'm Diana." I said. "Well hello Diana, do you have Twitter?" "Yeah." As soon as I answered he got his iPhone out of his pocket and went typing away at something. He then put it away and stared out at Fredrick, the duck.

Then my phone pinged saying I had a message. I took a quick glance.

@Real_Liam_Payne followed you

Liam Payne? Who's that? Wait... is it this guy? Did he just follow me? Seriously? "Are you Liam Payne?" I asked him. He looked at me and gave a friendly smile. "Yep."

"Liam. I like the name Liam. But I swear I know you from somewhere..."

"You might do, no biggie." He smiled.

"Whatever." I shrugged. Oh well, it will come to me eventually. Then it hit me. I know where he's from. Isn't there a Liam in One Direction? I face palmed and fake sobbed into my hands when I realised.

"What's wrong?" Liam put a hand on my back and started rubbing soothing circles. It was nice...but he's a stranger.

I burst into historical laughter and Liam looked at me confused. "Umm?" He started. "I've just bumped into Harry just before meeting you and he wants to set my best friend up with some Irish geezer." I laughed. His face turned very serious then. "I think you'll find the Irish geezer is my best friend thank you very much." He said. I stopped laughing and looked at him.

"Oh. Sorry." I said, looking down to my, now very interesting, hands.

"No harm done. So who's this friend?" He laughed. "Umm..."

"DIANA. GET YOUR ARSE UP HERE BEFORE I SET ALL OF NARNIA ON YOU. AND STOP FLIRTING WITH STRANGERS. REMEMBER TOM." Me and Liam both looked up to see Beverley on our balcony...with a megaphone? Who gave her that?

"That's the friend." I said standing up. "I guess I'll be off." "Wait, this is our last day in the U.S and we're going to a club in about an hour. Won't you and your friends come with us?" Wait what? Am I being invited to a club? With One Direction? This is weird.

"Umm, sure?" It came out more as a question. "Great. I will send someone to your room." He smiled then I walked off and headed back to our room. I wander what the others reactions will be to this.

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