Too Young?

14 year old girl, Kylee Clifford, lives with her older brother Michael. She ends up creating a huge crush, on her brothers band mate, Luke Hemmings. She wishes he'd have the same feelings for her, but knows it'll probably never happen, because of the 3 year age differents. But, what she doesn't know, is he's feeling the same way. But, enough if they did end up together, would Michael allow it? Read to find out.


2. Chapter #2

Kylee's P.O.V.


             I drop Demi off at her house, then I head home. I get inside, and run up to my room, then drop my bags on the floor. I put on my new skater skirt, and crop top, then go into my bathroom, to do my hair and makeup. I brush out my hair, and start curling it, with my curling wand. Once I'm done curly my hair, I spray some hairspray, then start on my makeup. I wipe off the day makeup I had on, and start applying natural brown, shimmer eye shadow. I put light peach right above it, and blend them together. I curly my eyelashes, and put on mascara. I fix my eye brows, and put on some lip tint. I head back into my bed room, and put on black converse. I check myself out in the mirror, which ends p turning into a small dance party with myself. I laugh, and check my phone. It's 6:57, which means Luke could be here any second. I put my phone into my purse, along with a few makeup products, in case I need to make a few touch ups at any time. I throw in a couple hair elastics, chap stick, just my essentials for a date. Michael comes in, "Where are you going?" "On a date," I reply. "With who?" he asks. "Mitch. He's a nice guy," I say. "Can I meet him before you leave?" he pushes. "Um... we're kind on a tight schedule. We have a reservation some where. Not sure where yet, he wants to surprise me," I lie. "Ok... I guess. Just be back by 10:00," he says. "Alright," I say. Then, the knock comes from the door. "That's Mitch, see ya Mikey," I hug him, the dash to the door. "Hey Kylee," he greets. "Hey," I smile. "Ready to go?" he asks. "Yup," I reply. He takes me out to his car, and opens the door for me. I climb inside, and he closes the door. He gets in on his side, and starts the car.




   We get to the theater, and pay for our tickets. Sense's it's date night at the theater, we get a free small popcorn. We head into the theater, which I had never been too. It was really cool. Instead of the seats being individual seats, they were really long couches. Different, but cool. And instead of the cup holders on the side of you, it was like an airplane, where there were trays they folded down from the back of the seats in front of you. It was weird, but in a cool way. We go and take our seats in the middle, right next to the speakers. "You stay here, I'll go grab some nacho's, and, what do you want to drink?" he asks. "Just water," I smile. "You sure?" he asks. "Yup," I reply. "Ok," he says, and heads off to go grab the stuff. I sit there watching the little waiting questionnaire. He gets back, and pulls down the trays in front of us. He puts a plate of nacho's, and a drink, on each of our trays. "And the free small popcorn for us to share," he smiles. "Thanks for bringing me Luke," I smile. "My pleasure," he replies, kissing my nose, making me blush once again. He chuckles, "It's cute when you blush." We look into each others eyes, and stare for a minute. He leans in, and we kiss. I look down at the ground, and blush. He lifts my chin, so he can look into my eyes again, and once more, kisses me. He pulls away, and smiles. "Your an amazing girl Kylee," he says. "Thank you. So are you. I-I mean, your an amazing guy, not girl, sorry... I'm nervous," I admit. "It's ok. There's no need to be," he says. Then, the movie starts. As it goes on, it builds up more suspense, I get more and more into the movie. All the sudden, something jumps out at the girl. I scream, and jump right into Luke's arms. He smiles, and pulls me close to him. I relax, and just snuggle with him. The rest of the movie was pretty good, scary, but I was fine sense I was with Luke.

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