Too Young?

14 year old girl, Kylee Clifford, lives with her older brother Michael. She ends up creating a huge crush, on her brothers band mate, Luke Hemmings. She wishes he'd have the same feelings for her, but knows it'll probably never happen, because of the 3 year age differents. But, what she doesn't know, is he's feeling the same way. But, enough if they did end up together, would Michael allow it? Read to find out.


1. Chapter #1

Kylee's POV


                "Hey, we've gotta go down to the studio, we'll be back in a few hours," Michael says, and heads out the door, with Calum, Ashton, and the oh so sexy, Luke. I slump down on the couch, and get on my phone. After an hour of being lazy, I go upstairs, and pick out an outfit. I pick out, a pair of plain denim mini shorts, a see through, lace crop top, with a black bralet underneath, and a pair of black and white converse. I put on mascara, eye liner, and baby lips, and brush out my hair. I pull my blonde hair, up into a pony tail, and head back into the front room, and go back to being lazy. After another hour passes by, Michael walks into the house. "Hey, Ky-Bug," Michael smiles. "Hey Mikey," I smile back. The boys walk in behind him, and kind of spread out through the house. Michael and Calum head to the kitchen, Ashton heads to the bathroom, and Luke comes and sits by me. I look at Luke and smile. When he smiles back, I can't help but blush. I look at my phone again, and hope he didn't see my face go bright red. He chuckles a little and pokes my cheek, which only makes me blush more. "It's ok Kylee. I like you too," he says. "You do?" I ask. "Yah. I have ever sense I met you, I just never really thought to tell you, sense we're 3 years apart," He says. My face is tomato red. "So, will you go out with me?" he asks. "I-I'd love to," I smile. "Cool. Just don't let Mikey find out, I don't think he'd approve," he says. I nod my head, "I agree." He kisses my cheek, and heads into the kitchen. I'm freaking out!!! I can't believe that actually happened! I try to keep calm, as not to explode of excitement! Then, my phone goes off, it's my best friend, Demiah.


D: wat's up

K: nutin much

D: wanna go 2 da mall

K: love 2!

D: k, b over 2 pick u up soon

K: k, c u then


             I walk into the kitchen, "Mikey, Demiah wants to go shopping, so, I'm leaving," I say. He nods his head. Luke says, in a father like tone, "Be back before 7:00 young lady," he ads a wink, hinting we'll be going out around then. "Yes father," I laugh, leaving the room. I head to my bedroom, and grab my purse. I put my phone in, along with a few make up products, in case I need them, and head back into the kitchen. "I'm going to need some money," I tell Michael. He nods, and pulls out a three 20's from his pocket, "Have fun." I give him a hug, right as Demiah knocks on the door, "See ya," I smile, and leave.




          "You haven't stopped smiling, the whole shopping trip, so, who's the boy that's on your mind?" She asks. I smile, at the thought of Luke. "No one. I guess, I'm just having a good day today," I say, completely covering up the fact that Luke asked me out. "Are you sure?" Demiah asks. "Yah," I nod my head. I don't think I want her to know yet. I want to keep this a secret, completely. "Let's go look at crop tops, I need some new ones," I say. "Sounds good!" She smiles. We start looking around, for my favorite store in the mall to find crop tops. After we find it, we look around, and I end up finding a flowy pink crop top, that says 'Music Geek'. I find another that I really like, a strapless, lace, bralet / crop top. I look around for one that will go good with the peach, blue and black floral, skater skirt I bought. I find a black bralet, that has a big bow on it, that will go perfect with my skirt. Making a cute outfit to wear tonight on the date. Oh my gosh! The date! "Demi, what time is it?" I ask frantically. "6:00, why?" she asks. "I have to get home," I say. "How come?" she asks. "Um, uh, Michael wanted me home early tonight," I lie. She nods her head, and we go check out.

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