Heartbreak Girl

You've heard stories about the best friend's brother, not to mention the best friend's sister. But have you ever heard on like this? After Olivia graduates high school, she has to move in with her brother Luke after her mother is sent to the psychiatric hospital in her town. Luke has a hard time balancing family versus his band. So Olivia, after being home alone, starts to go to band practice with him on a regular basis. Soon, the band is just starts to pick up speed and when something bad happens to her mother, will Olivia rely on Luke, or a bandmate?


2. The Visit

"Olivia, can you please hurry up?" Luke groans as I tug my heavy suitcase up the stairs to his apartment.

"Oh yeah, sorry Luke! I'm just dragging my heavy ass suitcase up the stairs, don't you worry about me!" I huff. Luke is such a great brother usually, he's just in a hurry today. I should probably be nicer to him. 
"I'm coming, I'm coming." I pull my suitcase onto the landing and as Luke unlocks his apartment door, I try to catch my breath. 
"I'm sorry for rushing you," he says, running his hands through his hair, "But I want to go visit Mom and then I have band practice."
"Luke, really, it's fine. Thank you for letting me stay with you." I catch myself before asking the question I actually want to know. Do your bandmates know your mom's in the psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia? We enter the apartment and I place my suitcase on the floor. I like the general designs for the apartment. Large windows, a loft space and a small kitchen. There is a small hallway leading to a garage-like practice room, with doors on both sides of the hallway. Luke smiles. “Honestly, it’s fine. I’m glad to have you. At least someone will be in the apartment.” He states, laughing a little. “Olivia...You do know you can talk to me whenever something bad happens, right? You suck, but you’re my sister. I have to take care of you, especially since mom…” 
“Thanks Luke. I’m here for you too.” Luke chuckles awkwardly and then as a second thought, pulls me in for a hug. Luke lets me go from his hug and pulls out his phone.
“You can go put that in your room.” He points down the hallway and I follow his eyes and finger to see the first door on the right. I drag my suitcase once again and glance at my room. A bed, covered in dark blue sheets, pillows and comforter; a desk with a lamp; a closet, and a window. I sit on the bed and breathe for a moment. My thoughts end up straying to Luke. Luke has been through so much shit. All this stuff with Mom is driving him insane, I think. He wishes he could do something for her, but there is nothing we can do besides visit her. The most terrifying thing for us is the fact that we could develop this disorder because she’s our mom. We have a 10% chance of developing this disorder, which scares the crap out of me, honestly. I think that Luke is the most worried about this fact. He’s worried about leaving me alone. And the thing is, if that happened, if he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, then I would be left alone. I don’t really have any close friends besides my brother. That probably sounds depressing but it’s the truth. I have my dad, but he leaves about 100 kilometers away from us. My Mom and Dad split when I was ten and Luke was twelve. Suddenly, Luke calls my name from the other room so I get up and join him. Luke is still standing there, on his phone, like usual.“It’s twelve-thirty. That leaves us time to go visit Mom before practice at two.” He pulls his eyes away from the screen and looks at me. “You ready to go?” 
I nod, grabbing my phone and my earbuds, following Luke out of the apartment and pausing only to let him lock the door again. He swings his keys on his pointer finger as we head down the stairs to his car. He unlocks his car and we slide into the seats after pulling open the doors. We sit there in comfortable silence. The good thing about Luke and I’s relationship is that we can just sit in silence. No awkward small talk. I like that about us. 
“Are you okay with coming to practice with me?”
“That sounds good. Can we get food before practice?”
“If we have time, sure.” Luke grins at me sideways and then presses the radio on. I hear a familiar voice across the speakers, a soft flowing melody. 
“So we’re taking the long way home, ‘cause I don’t wanna be wasting my time al-” Luke quickly turns off the radio and blushes bright pink. 
“No, turn it on! I like it!” 
“Shut up Liv.”

* * * 

“We’re here to see Charlotte Aubrey…?” Luke asks the nurse. 
“Yeah. Follow me.” She says gruffly and she begins to lead us down a brightly lit hallway. She grabs her keycard at Door 54, slides it and pushes open the door. Luke suddenly takes my hand as we enter the room. 
“Mom?” Luke asks, slowly and cautiously standing by the door. 
“Luke? Is that really you?” She slowly turns around to look at us. Her long blonde hair is piled loosely and messily on top of her head, her blue eyes almost completely empty. 
“Yeah, Mom. I’m here, with Olivia.” 
“Liv?” She blinks, unconcerned. 
“Is she lucid right now?” I look up at Luke. He squeezes my hand. 
“Why are you whispering? Olivia Morton, answer me.” 
“That’s not my name, Mom.” I whisper. 
“Stop lying, Allegra!” I blink back tears and take a step behind Luke. 
Mom takes a breath and looks at Luke again. “I love you Luke. Do you like being an only child?”
“No, mom, I’m not an only child. You have a daughter, who’s right here and three other boys. Remember?” 
“Get out! Jasper wants you out!” Luke sighs and pulls open the door. The nurse is still standing out in the hallway. 
“She hasn’t been very lucid this past week. We’ve been upping her meds to calm her down, but nothing we do seems to work. We’re scared that she is going to pass in the night.”
“Please call us as soon as she’s lucid. Thank you.” Luke begins to pull me out of the hospital and as soon as we’re in the car, he pulls me into him. 
“She didn’t mean it, Liv. She didn’t. She knows you exist, I promise.” He soothes me and then lets me go. 
“We have to go to practice.” And with that, he pulls away from the hospital car park. 


Hey everyone! I couldn't wait to release this chapter! Also there are a couple clarifications: I'm not using Liz as their mom in this story because I don't want to write lies about Liz. The purpose to this story is bringing awareness to schizophrenia and the struggles that their family goes through after finding out Charlotte has the disorder. However, this is also a fanfic, so there of course will be a love story with ups and downs. Question of the chapter: What is your favorite song from the new album? Mine's either Permanent Vacation or Catch Fire. 

Anyways, I'm so excited to be back and writing! Please comment and like and favorite! Just so you all know, the chapters are going up earlier on my wattpad account: Rosie_C. So go check those out and give me a follow on there. :) Thanks everyone. 

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