Heartbreak Girl

You've heard stories about the best friend's brother, not to mention the best friend's sister. But have you ever heard on like this? After Olivia graduates high school, she has to move in with her brother Luke after her mother is sent to the psychiatric hospital in her town. Luke has a hard time balancing family versus his band. So Olivia, after being home alone, starts to go to band practice with him on a regular basis. Soon, the band is just starts to pick up speed and when something bad happens to her mother, will Olivia rely on Luke, or a bandmate?


3. Band Practice

“So this is the famous little sister.” One of Luke’s bandmates, Calvin, I think his name was, grins at me. I have of course seen pictures of them, and I’ve seen them perform but we were never formally introduced. I look up at Luke and he coughs.

“Right. This is Calum-” Oh, Calum, not Calvin, “That’s Michael and- where’s Ash?” Luke points out his bandmembers and then looks around confusedly. He ends up wandering into the living room and I hear a door open.

“Ash?” I ask Michael, who has come to stand right next to me.

“Yeah, he’s the drummer. He’s always-”
“Mikey, I swear, if you say ‘he’s always late’, I am going to kick your ass.” A man with light brownish blonde curls enters the practice room, taking off his sunglasses and throwing his dark jean jacket onto the couch. I guess this is Ashton.

“Ooh, who’s this?” He looks down at me with a sort of wicked innocence and grins.

“Ash, I wouldn’t-” Calum tries to warn him.
“Shut up Cal. I was asking this beautiful girl here. What’s your name, babe?”
“Pretty name for a pretty girl. I’m Ashton.” He sticks out his hand and smiles as I shake it.

“Hi.” I take my hand back and look around for Luke. “Luke, he’s-”

“Looking for Luke? Is he your boyfriend or something?” He asks.

I laugh.That is disgusting.  “No, actually, Luke is my-”
“Ashton, what the fuck are you doing?” Luke looks at Ashton almost murderously.

“Nothing, don’t get your panties in a twist. I was just talking to this beautiful girl here.” Ashton throws his arm around me, pulling me closer. This is getting more and more and awkward.

“Stop flirting with my sister!” Luke groans. “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

“Luke!” I smack his chest. What a smartass.

“Now that I think about it, she does look a lot like you. But she’s hotter. And cooler. And not a dick.”

“I don’t have one either, funnily enough.”

“Oh wow, thanks man.” Luke rolls his eyes, ignoring my comment. I slowly slip away from under Ashton’s arm. Luke catches my movement and pulls me into him.

“Stop messing around with my sister. We need to practice.”

Ashton grins as he takes his sunglasses off and places them in his pocket.

“I guess we’ll catch up later.” He walks over to the drumset and grabs a set of drumsticks from the littered floor. I grab my phone out of my pocket and head to my room.

“Where you going, beautiful?” I hear Ashton ask, and then a loud bang and a muttered ‘ouch’. I guess Luke got pissed. Oops.

I take my earphones out of my back pocket and plug them into my phone. Laying on my bed, I begin to think.

Okay, no offense Luke, Ashton is REALLY CUTE. Like extraordinarily cute. Like he’s from space. Just saying. And it’s not like I could ever go for him because my brother would kick my ass but I’m still allowed to think it. Right? Plus I think he’s like two years older than me. Another plus, I’m not even legal. Yeah, I graduated high school and stuff but I’m seventeen. That means he’s nineteen. Another another plus is that he’s probably not even interested and just flirting to piss off my brother.

Also, this is gonna sound awful but I’m a good kid. I don’t do bad things. I mean, I drink but that’s not that bad. I don’t do drugs. I’m innocent. I’m good. And he’s really badass and I’m not.

And to make it even worse, I have a kind of boyfriend. Like we’re in that spot where it could be a relationship but we haven’t taken it there yet, you know? His name is Ray. He was in my class. The stereotypical jock. Except that he’s smart. Like Ivy League smart. And I’m not saying that I’m not or anything like that but here I am, heading into community college because I didn’t really get any helpful scholarships and he’s going to Stanford on a full ride. A full ride. He’s incredible. But currently, he’s in Africa saving little children and earning saint status and I’m here listening to my brother playing in a band and listening to my mother explaining to everyone she knows that I don’t exist. Yay. #blessed.

I hate when people do that. The #blessed trend is actually so stupid it makes me laugh.

Three hours pass and band practice ends. Luke comes into my room and laughs at the sight of me half on and half off my bed.

I jump up and grab my wallet and basically run over to him. He laughs at me and straightens my hair, smoothing it down like he used to do when we were little.

“Come on, we’re going out to dinner with the boys.”

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