Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


9. Chapter 9

Malia's POV
Justin and I arrived at my moms house, I see my fathers car parked in the drive way giving me a wave of anxiety. I walk up to the door, Justin slowly follows I can tell he's nervous. I stand at the door not knowing wether to knock on the door that I lived in until about a month ago or I just walk right threw the door like I always do. The door opens and my mom stands there with a nervous smile "Hi honey.. Justin doesn't look so good" she whispers the last part.

"Yeah" I sighed.

"Well.. come in" she steps aside opening the door wide letting me and Justin in.

I walk into the living room, my father is pacing, and mumbles to himself.


He turns around with the saddest look on his face "My baby girl" he coos, he opens his arms waiting for me to walk in them. I'm embraced in his arms and he squeezes me tight.

"Dad it's okay" I chuckle lightly

He pulls me away at arms length sighing "Baby... Babies aren't suppose to have babies" he sighs "Your only eighteen you have so much to do"

"I know" I pull away "but know I can take care of my baby boy.. your grandson"

"A.. A boy" he stutters.

"Mmhhmm" I smile, I rest my hand on belly, but then a bit of his joy fades away when he sees my grown stomach.

"Where is he" he says sternly.

"I think he's hiding" I smile "Justin come on out"

Justin shuffles over his hand scratching the back of his neck "Hello Justin" my father says with his arms crossed.

"Hi sir" Justin straightens up his posture trying to look less nervous but I could tell he was more nervous than ever.

"I said I liked you... I'm not sure how I feel about you right now" My father scratches the top of his head sighing "But I trust you to take good care of her, love her unconditionally, and help with this baby" he walks closer to Justin, Justin looks at me then my dad "But you made a slip up son, you better not slip up again once the baby comes or I with hunt you down" my father smiles slaps then Justin back "I'm glad me talked"

Justin looks over at me his blank expression turns into concern "Shit" he whispers.

My fathers eyes widen "What did you just say?"

"Oh my god Malia" Justin almost pushed my dad out of his way making his way towards me "Shit, your bleeding" he looks down at my crotch.

"Oh my god" my heart stopped.

"Malia why are you bleeding" my dad says in concern.

"I don't know!" Tears start to run down my face.

"We need to take you to the hospital" Justin says.

"My baby" I whisper, I knew what this ment, the blood when your pregnant "I lost my baby" I say.

"What Malia" Justin asks while leading me to the kitchen.

"What's going on- Oh my gosh Malia" my mom puts her hand over mouth walking towards me "She needs to go to the hospital" Justin grabs his keys. Justin and I get in to our car while my mom and dad get my moms car.

"Baby it's going to be okay" Justin grabs my hand, rubbing his thumb over the top of my hand.

"N-no no it's not" I say choking on my tears.

"Yes baby it's will" he brings my hand to his lips kissing it multiple times.

"I lost the baby.. my baby is gone.." I cry

"What?" Justin looked to pale "No baby that can't be" his one hand on steering wheel tightens causing his knuckles to go white "No" he whispers.

"I didn't even get to feel you kick" I whisper to my belly.. even though my baby can't hear me anymore.

We finally got to hospital, Justin and I rush in to the front desk "We need a doctor" Justin panics.

"Can you tell me what's wrong" the nurse looks up at us.

"My girlfriend is pregnant and she bleeding" he answers

"Where?" She asked

"Um.. you know.." Justin awkwardly says.

"My vagina" I say to nurse.

"Oh!" Her eyes widen "Hold on one second" she picks up the phone talking to person on the other end.

"Name" the nurse asks

"Malia Davis"

A couple minutes later a short woman in a doctors lab coat walks up to us "Malia Davis" the short woman ask.

"That's me" I answer

"I'm Dr. Cole, come with me" we quickly follow her into a small room, with lifted small bed, with paper covering it, and two metal bars that look like they would hold feet up.

"There is a gowned in the bed, change into that and I will be right back" she says

"Okay thank you" I change into the gown and lay down on the bed. Justin instantly held my hand, trying to comfort me.

But I couldn't be comfort all that was going threw my head was that my perfect baby boy was gone. That was Justin gonna wanna stay with me still, that since know that the baby is gone he gets cut loose and he can go of do what he had originally planned. 
Leaving me. alone.

I hear a knock at the door "Come in"

The same doctor comes in and sit down on a rolling stool "Can you put your feet up here please Malia" I do as she says and brings her gloved covered hand in between my legs.

a couple minutes go by and Dr. Cole looks at me "Did I have a miscarriage" I say weakly.

"No no, you had some spotting" she says while taking the rubber gloves off and into the trash.

"What's spotting?" Justin asks while squeezing me hand.

"Spotting is very light bleeding, similar to what you may have at the beginning or end of your period. It is a normal thing during pregnancy, there is nothing really behind why spotting happens but there is nothing to worry about" she stands up and smiles.

"Oh my god thank goodness" I sigh in relief and sit up.

"Now make sure you contact your doctor about the spotting, so he or she will know what's going on" she says "I have to go have a good day" she smiles.

I jump down from the small bed and tackle Justin in a hug, crying, laughing, and just talking in gibberish. "Baby why are you crying" Justin pulls me back.

"I'm just so happy, I thought I had lost my baby, and I was going to lose you" his thumbs run over my cheeks whipping tears away.

"I would never leave you baby I love you too much" he kisses my forehead.

I quickly change and Justin and I meet my parents in the waiting room explaining to them what had happened. My mom and dad in braced me in a hug, both of them in relief.

I have never in my life thought I could experience such fear. Now I know how my mom felt whenever she thought I was in danger. That moment of not breathing and feeling like your whole world is about to fall apart.

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