Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


8. Chapter 8

Malia's POV
Spending time with Jazzy and Jaxon was just what I needed. Watching them laugh, fight, whine, and being the most love able kids I have ever met; gave me a sneak peak on what it might be like when I have my baby boy.

The day after Jazzy and Jaxon left Justin and I went out to see if we could get a job. Justin was pretty successful his uncle letting him work 4 times a week, but unlike me I won't be working till next month. Anna said that she doesn't need me now she will in about a month, which I guess is alright Justin did pay the rent for the up coming 2 months. But Id rather to spend my free time at work than just sitting on the couch reading motherhood books that tell me how to take care of my own baby.

"Baby you ready" I hear Justin's voice echo from the kitchen.

"Yeah I'll be out in 1 minute" I do one more swipe of peach lip gloss and towards the kitchen "Okay I'm ready"

"Alrighty lets go" he says and I follow him out the door.

~ ~ ~

"Turn here Alice said it was on Main Street" I point to the street.

"How long is this Mommy and Daddy class gonna be" Justin whines.

"About an hour I think" I look out the window "right here!" He pulls into the parking lot where the small building stands. Justin shuts of the car once he finds the closest parking space to the building. And head for building.

"Hi, um where is the mommy and daddy classes" I ask a small woman at a desk.

"They're down that hall way, third door on you right" she says with the biggest smile.

"Thank you" Justin and I say. We follow her directions and end up at room filled with mats and pregnant couple every where. The has giant windows that caused all the sunshine to enter the room.

"Malia! Justin!" I see wobbling towards us is Alice, her blond hair is pulled in to a tight bun showing off her long slender neck and blue aka mind shaped eyes "I'm so glad you made it I didn't thing you guys would come" she smiles widely

"Yeah we had nothing better to do and I thought this would be good time well spent" I reached my hand into Justin's.

"Future parent! Find a mat and sit" A dark skinned woman speaks who I am guessing is the teacher of the mommy and daddy class.

We find a mat next to Alice and her Husband. I keep my fingers locked with Justin's while I wait for the teacher to speak.

"Hello everybody! My name is Kimberly but you may call me Kim" she sits down on a purple exercise ball "And welcome to Mommy and Daddy classes" she claps her hands together.

"This is going to be the most amazing experience of your life"

~ ~ ~

"Now breath in out, breath in and out" Kim walks around the class demonstrating breathing exercises during birth.

"This isn't weird" Justin says next to me, squeezing my hands.

"No it's not" I whisper back.

"Make sure you breath with her" Kim looks at Justin, and instantly his cheeks turn pink.

"Trust me this will be useful" Alice whispers to us.

~ ~ ~

"Well that was interesting" Justin says as soon as we get into the car.

"It was but I really liked it" I smile and set my hand on my belly.

"Really?" He questions

"Yeah, I think I want to go again this week"

"Do I have to go" I look at Justin and quickly scratches the back of his neck.

"Yes, of course you have to go, this isn't mommy and pregnant belly classes" I state

Justin starts to talk but I stop him once I feel the vibration of my phone. I look at the caller ID and Mom glows on the screen.

"Hey momma" I say and pull my lip in between my teeth bitting dead skin off.

"Hey sweetheart how are you" she asks, I hear the sound of the brooms bristles scrapping the floor, she's sweeping the floors again. I just giggle. "Yes. I'm sweeping the floors" I can hear the annoyance in her voice.

"Sorry mom" I giggle again "I'm good me and Justin just left Mommy and Daddy classes" I swirl a strand of hair in between my fingers.

"That's good, that's good......." Then there's silence.

"What's up mon" I scrunch my eyes brows up in confusion.

"Well... Your Dad is here"

"What?" I feel Justine short glance on me. I look over at him and mouth 'my dad is here' and instantly he looks sick to his stomach.

"Does he know mom" I ask

"Yeah... and I have no clue if he is angry, happy, or sad" she speaks as if she is trying to figure what she is saying.

"W..we'll be right there"

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