Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


7. Chapter 7

Justin's POV

The sudden emptiness of the bed woke me from my slumber. I slowly open my eyes noticing the dent in the pillow where Malia once was. I sit up looking around the room.

Malia cleaned.

My clothes all in the hamper, that was once on the ground. The pillows on the window seat all in place.

It's been a week since we got the house, all our belongs in all the right places like they were destine to be there.

I suddenly got a nice whiff of the smell of egg. I walk out to the kitchen spotting, my beautiful girl. She stands over the oven flipping the eggs, I quietly walk up hidden her wrapping my arms around her waist. She jump from the gestured but instantly relaxed. I rested my chin on her shoulder "Morning baby" I nuzzle my nose in her, she moves her neck to the side giving me more access to her neck, I instantly kissed her exposed neck.

"Mmm Morning" she breath "I made you an omelet I hope you like it" she gestured to the perfectly made omelet on the counter.

I grabbed the plate, leaning my body on the counter, and taking a bite of the omelet "Mmmm very god" I hummed

I looked up at Malia noticing a smile of satisfaction, probably because I love her cooking. I start to scan her body noticing her appearance.

Just my t-shirt.

It exposed her long caramel legs, I swear her body was calling out for me.

"What?" Malia snapped me out of my train of thought..

I cleared my throat, trailing my eyes back up to hers "N-nothing" she shrugs of my response, opens the refrigerator, she slowly bends down to grab something causing me to get a clear view of her ass.

I gulped.

She's wearing a thong.

Ok. Im done. Im done being a gentleman. I thought to myself. As soon as she stood up and turned towards me I slung my arm around her perfectly shaped body, lifting her onto the counter.

"Justin" she breath "W-what are you doing?"

"I'm. Gonna. Make. Love. To. You." I breathed in between kisses working my way up from her neck to her velvet lips.

All she did was hum to my response. "Rap you legs around my waist" she instantly did as she was told and latched her legs to my torso.

"What about your omelet" she ask once I started to walk away.

"Trust me, this will be better than an omelet" once I got into our room I laid her on the bed taking in her beauty.

"Justin" she whispered.

"Yes baby" I whispered back.

"I need to get ready" she sat up "You need to get ready"

"What? Why?" My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion

"Your little brother and sister are gonna stay with us for a few days"

"How come I didn't know this" I ran my hand down my face.

"It was suppose to be a surprise, but I knew if I didn't say anything you would have kept on going" she bit her lip, she stood up and pat my chest "Now go get ready" she walked out of the bedroom her curly hair bouncing every which way.

I look down at my boxers noticing my raging hard on "You fucking kidding me" I whisper to myself.

Malia's POV

The door bell rung and butterflies exploded in my belly. I'm so nervous but so excited. I didn't exactly get to talk Jazzy and Jaxon when Justin got in his car accident. I was so focused on Justin and Emily...I just couldn't think right that day.

Justin goes to the door slowly opening it "Justin!" they both run into his legs grabbing each leg and holding him tight. He picks them both up in his arms swing them around.

"I've missed you guys to much" They both squealed in response. I walked towards the door way, meeting Justins dad with a smile.

"How have you been" he glanced at my stomach.....god word spreads fast "Pattie told me" he rubbed the back of neck, I can see where Justin got his habit from.

"I'm good" I weakly smiled.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Jazzy came running up to Jeremy.

"What sweetheart" he looked down at her.

"They have chocwate ice cweam" she squeals and in the background I can hear Jaxon repeating Jazzy and throughing himself on the couch. Oh this is going to be fun.

"I have no clue why you are so excited Jazzy we have chocolate ice cream at home" Jeremy chuckles, she just ingornes her father and starts jumping on the couch with Jaxon.

"Hey dad" Justin spoke from beside me with a smile, I moved out of the away letting Justin embrace his father in a man-hug.

They pull away and instantly they both rub the backs of there necks "Okay well I should start going" he smiled "Jazzy! Jaxon! Daddy is leaving" they both were gone from the couch probably exploring the small house.

Justin starts to giggle "They already don't miss you" Jeremy dryly laughs in response.

"Hhh well I gotta go, you two have fun" Jeremy starts to back away from the door "It was nice seeing you again Malia" he smiles

"It was nice seeing you also" I smile and wave back and slowly close the door. As soo as the door closed Jazzy and Jaxon ran into the livingroom.

"Can we have Ice cweam" They both begged.

Justin got down on his knees pulling them close "Only if Malia gets a hug" he whispers but whispers load enough for me to hear, I couldn't help but smile. They looked up at me giggling and soon they both came up to me attacking me with hugs.

They both squeezed me tightly then Jaxon looked up at me "C-can we have Ice cweam nooowww"

"Yes you can have Ice cream" I giggled, they both started squealing running towards the kitchen.

~ ~ ~

We all were laying on the couch watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, as soon as the credits started rolling Jazzy turns to me "Is dare a baby in your bewy" her eyes locked on my baby bump.

"Mmhm" My hand instantly ran over my stomach.

"Is dat Justin's baby" Jaxon pointed to my belly.

"Yes" I giggled "Its Justin's baby"

"How did it get in dare" Jazzy point to my belly also.....there's a lot of pointing going on here.

"Okay" Justin stood up "Enough questions, bedtime" they both started whining "Come on" Justin scooted them into the bathroom.

I walked into our bedroom, god I love saying that.

Our bedroom.

I mentally hugged myself, I quickly strip out of my clothes, pulling on cotton shorts and a tank top. I slipped under the comforter of our bed, snuggling to keep warm.

"Okay go say good night to Malia" I hear Justins voice come from the hallway. They both ran up to me jumping up onto the bed giving me a big hug.

"Good night Malia" I gave them a good squeeze kissing there foreheads.

"Good night sweethearts" They both run off with Justin trailing behind them.

30 minutes went bye and Justin finally walked threw the door closing it, and instantly pulling his t-shirt off "They are a struggle to put to bed" he yawned. He dramatically threw himself onto the bed pulling himself to me and resting his head on my chest.

"I was thinking about boy names and I like the name August" I said while running my fingers threw his hair.

"Babe that's not a name it's a month" he spoke.

"So, there are girls named April and May-" I was cut of by Justin's lips on my belly.

"I promise I won't let mommy name you after a month" Justin whispered to growing baby in my stomach. I slap his shoulder, he dramatically clutch his shoulder as if I've wounded him.

All he did was giggle, he moved his head back to my chest drawing circles on my belly with his fingers "I like the name Jonah"

"Mmm I sort of like it but I still like August" all Justin did was groan "Don't be like that, we still have 5 more months to think of a name"

Justin rolled over on his stomach "Jonah" he teased

"August" I replied

"Jonah" he said in a sing song voice

"Good night Justin" I said and shut the lights of

"Night" he yawned

As soon as I started to fall asleep I felt Justin's arms wrap around my waist pulling my back close to his chest.

My eyes flew open to the sound of thunder, the bedroom door flew open Jazzy and Jaxon squealing from the loud claps of thunder.

"Justin, Malia!" they cried

"Hey babies what wrong" I pried Justin's arms off my body picking both of the up and laying them on the bed.

"T-the thunder is scary" Jaxon whimpered.

"What's wrong" Justin groaned

A loud boom of thunder shook the house, Justin looked at me instantly knowing what's wrong.

"You guys wanna sleep in here" Justin asked

They both nodded their heads, crawling under the covers. Justin and I pulled them close, making sure they felt safe.

Is this what it's going to feel like to have a child.

It being your destiny to make sure they are safe, to comfort them, to always be there for them.

If so, I'm ready for that commitment, to take care of either August or Jonah.

To be there always...

[A/N]This was cute, I really liked this one. Probably my last post till friday, schools being a bitch(excuse my language). I just noticed how much of a cock tease Malia is, every they are close to have sex there is always an excuse. Sooooooo what do you guys think, should Malia stop teasing Justin and do the dirty deed(I'm so weird) or should she just keep teasing Justin.

Sooooo anyways you should Like and Comment if you liked this chapter...or you could just do it anyways cuz you guys are awesome :P

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