Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


5. Chapter 5

Justin's POV

"Justin..Justin..Justin! Wake up!" I pull the covers over my head trying to fall back asleep "Please Justin wake up I let you sleep in but know its time to get up or we will be late, and I don't want to be late, especially since I've been holding my pee since 9am" she whines and pulls the covers off me.

"Then go pee" I groan

"I can't go pee I have to hold it for the ultrasound" she's begining to shout "Now get up!" I just lay there "Justin Drew Bieber if you don't get out of this fucking bed I will leave without you and as much as I want you to come with me I will definitly leave you here because you are getting on my last fucking nerve!" she's yelling, shit she's yelling.

"Okay, okay, I'm up I'm sorry" I roll out of bed, passing my frustrated girlfriend. I grab dark jeans, a black 'v' neck t-shirt, and my boxers. I quickly put on my clothes, I look in the mirror running my hands threw my hair. I groan at how frustrating my hair is being and grab a red beanie from of the dresser "I just need to brush my teeth alright and then we can go"

"Alright, I'll meet you downstairs, okay?" she says, I nod in response and she leaves the room. I quickly walk to the bathroom and start at brushing my teeth.

God I'm so nervous, but I'm also excited to see my baby, me and Malia's baby. Can you believe it, I'm gonna be a daddy...oh my god...I'm gonna be a father. What if the baby hates me..what will I do then.

"Justin!" Jeez someone's emotions are running wild "It doesn't take that long to brush your damn teeth!"

Malia's POV

"Oh my god I'm so nervous" I say while rubbing my hands on knees.

I Feel Justin's hand on my back rubbing my baby to comfort me "Baby it's okay no need to be nervous, everything is going to go great"

"Are you having a baby like my mommy" I hear a small voice, I look down and see little girl with big blue eyes, blond hair in small pig tales, in a pink poofy toto.

"Y-yeah, I am" I give her a smile.

"Can I feel your belly" she says with wide eyes

"Ava! Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" A very pregnant woman with an older resembles of the little girl shouts.

"It's okay, she's a very sweet girl" I say while setting a hand on my belly.

"Hi, I'm Alice" She put out her hand for me and Justin to shake.

"I'm Malia" I smile

"Justin" he smiles also

"Momma, she has a baby in her belly just like you" Ava points at my belly.

"How far along are you" Alice asks

"I'm 4 almost 5 months pregnant" I smile and look at Justin.

"Oh, you must be getting your ultra-sound today" her smile brightens.

"Yeah, I'm kinda nervous"

"Don't be, this is the best part" she smiles "Have you guys gone to any mommy and daddy sessions"

"No...this is all very new to us...this is actually our first appointment together"

"Malia Davis" I look to my left and see a short woman in purple scrubs call my name.

"Here" Alice pulls out a piece of paper, a pen, and starts to write something down "If you ever need any help, just call me" she smiles and I grab the paper that has her number scribbled on it "Bye Malia, Justin" she smiled at both of us...this woman is a smiler.

"Thank you" I say "Bye" Justin and I say at the same time.

I quickly walk over to the short woman in purple scrubs with Justin on my tail.

"Hello Malia follow me" We follow her into a small room "Okay Dr. Maxwell will be with you in a few minutes" she leaves and it's just me and Justin now.

I move on to the uncomfortable medical bed causing crunching sounds from the paper covering the bed. "Sit in that chair, so you can be next to me" I tell Justin, he swiftly sits down in the chair and instantly holds my hand "You've been so quiet ever since that little girl came up to me"

"I-I know, it's just when I saw that little just scared me, to think we are gonna have something that small" he confesses

"Hello Malia, I'm Dr. Maxwell" A tall brunet, bob haired woman, with skinny square glasses resting on the middle of her nose walks in with a clip board and pen in her hands.

"Hello" I smile

"Is this the father of the baby" she motions to Justin

"Yes, he's my boyfriend"

"Hi, Im Justin" he shakes her hand.

"So I talked to your doctor in L.A. she's given me your files, the information on the birth date on the baby etc, etc. And everything look great, and today is the day you get to see your baby and if we are feeling lucky we might even hear a heart beat" she give me a bright smile.

"Okay can you lift your shirt for me so I can put the gel on you stomach" she grabs gel squirting it on my stomach.

I hiss at the cold gel hitting my skin "That's really cold" I giggle

"Ha ha yes it is very cold" she agrees "Here we go, now watch that screen up there" she points to the small black screen. I squeeze Justin's hand in excitement and he smiles nervously. She brings the wand to my stomach rubbing the gel around.

I look up at the screen and that's when I see the smallest living, breathing, moving being that lives in my growing stomach.

Justin's POV

I watch the screen and my world stops. I have never felt so instantly connected to such a small being. They say this moment changes everything and it does even though it's just and image on the screen I feel like my whole world has just begun.

"Would you like to know the sex of the baby" she looks at both of us.

"Yes" we both say in unison.

I watch as she moves the wand around Malias slightly round belly "You are havinnnnng....a baby boy"

Malia squeezes my hand "Justin a baby boy" she whispers "Our little baby boy"

I can't help but smile, smile so wide, I probably look like such a goof ball "I-I'm gonna be a D-daddy to a baby boy" I kiss her hand.

"Would you like to hear the heart beat" Dr. Maxwell speaks

"Yes please" Malia almost squeals

It's takes Dr. Maxwell a couple minutes to find a heart beat but suddenly I hear a small thum.

"That's amazing" Malia says in awe.

"I am gonna be that happiest daddy"

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