Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


1. Chapter 1

Before you read this story, this is the squeal to Invisible Love so I really advise you to go and check out Invisible Love if you haven't read it yet, something's wont make sense if you read this book. So here we go.


Malia's POV

They say college changes you, that you find who truly are once you've experience the outside world. But I never knew college would change me like this, well physically at least. I haven't seen Justin in 4 months, and a lot has changed since then. And I mean a lot. I broke up with Justin because of his constant attention with Emily, since he is only 30 minutes away from her they have been I guess you could say very close, yes it bothered me a lot and Justin new that. So I called it quits, Justin didn't exactly agree with my decision.

In between those 4 months, my physical appearance has changed a lot. Especially for someone like me I have always been a small person but with the right amount curves. My hips have gotten wider, my thighs a little bigger, my stomach has grown out of per portion, and my boobs have become twice the size they ever were.

After a little over a month went bye I noticed my period never came, I panicked of course, I came up with a bunch of reasons why it was late but all of them were ridiculous so I had to go with the most likely answer. I'm pregnant. After taking the pregnancy test, I knew that my life was never gonna be the same. I have only told my Mom and even Pattie so far but nobody else yet but my goal is to tell Justin during Thanksgiving vacation, I'm just hoping he is coming down to visit his mom like I am.

"Honey how was the plane ride" My mom speaks threw the phone.

"It was okay I nerves didn't help" I answer

"Hhh honey don't stress, Justin is gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine" she try's to assure me, but it's not helping. All I can picture is Justin freaking out and him not wanting the baby or even helping.

"I know, I know"

"So how soon will you be here" I can instantly here the excitement in her voice.

"In about 15 minutes" I tell her

"Yay! I can't wait to see my baby" I can't help but giggle.

"I can't wait to see you to mom"

"Alright, see you in a bit, love you" she sings

"Love you too"

I set my phone in my purse and look out the window, trying to push away all my nerves.

~ ~ ~

"Is this it Miss" the cab driver asks while slowing down the cab.

"Yep, this is it" I take deep breath and step out of the car.

"Ahhhhh! My Baby is home!" I turn my head and see my running down the drive way, she instantly pulls me in her arms and hugs me as tight as she can. "Oh god you look beautiful" she says while look at me from arms length "Pregnancy is treating you well" she smiles at me and then stares down at my belly.

"Thanks mom" I quickly try to cover my stomach with my hands and turn to the cab driver, my luggage is all in the drive way and the cab driver is leaning against the car waiting for his pay. I rummage threw my purse pulling out $30.00 and handing it to him.

"Thank you, have a nice day" he nods his head and I do the same, and soon the yellow cab is out of the drive way.

"Come on let's get you inside"

Justin's POV

"So..Shaina told me that Malia is in town" my mom says while giving me a big smile

"So." I honestly don't care if she's here or not, I don't want to see her or talk to her. My mom keeps bringing her up, telling me that need to her, that I should call her, and that she knows that I still love her and miss her. I mean who is she to tell me how I feel...I..I mean sure...I miss her-No! I don't, she broke my heart, there is nothing left in me that would want her back "Mom just let it go please, I'm not going to see her" I plop down on the couch and quickly turn the tv on.

" sure about that" she starts fiddle with finger.

"Yes I'm sure, why?"

"Malia and h..her mom are coming over for thanksgiving diner tomorrow night" I look up at my mom with wide eyes not believing what she just said.


"Malia really wants to talk to you"

"What could she possibly want to talk to me about" I growl

"I don't know honey but all I know is that it is very important" she sits down next to me and grabs my hand, rubbing her tumb across the top of my hand.

Malia's POV

"Mmmm dinner was amazing mom, thank you" I sit back in my chair letting my stomach settle.

"I'm glad, I miss making you dinner every night" she says and walks by me giving the top of my head a kiss. I get up from my seat grabbing my dirty dishes and bringing them to the sink where my mom stands.

"Would you like any help with the dishes" I set the dirty dishes in the sink waiting for her answer.

"No, no sweetheart, you go and watch some tv I'll be out in couple minutes"

"You sure" I ask

"Positive" I give her a quick kiss on the cheek and walk out to the livingroom. I sit down on the couch and turn the tv on flipping threw channels. After a couple of minutes go bye my mom finally comes out of the kitchen, sitting right next to me.

"So..about thanksgiving its not going to be exactly the same as usual" I look to my right watching my mom play with a ring on her index finger.

"What do you mean" I ask

"Well I asked Pattie if she didn't mind us coming to their Thankgiving dinner with her and Justin" she gives me a weak smile

"Ugh mom, I don't want to break the news to him on Thanksgiving, that would just ruin the whole day from him, why can't I do it the day after Thanksgiving" I whine

"Because I know you, you will plan on meeting up with him and never do it because you are to scared" god I hate how right she can be. All I can do is sigh in response "So how have you been feeling...pregnant wise"

I feel like shit "I can't sleep at night, I can't eat half of my favorite foods, I throw up like crazy in the morning, and I look swollen" all my mom does is giggle at my list of complants.

"That is exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with you except since I am already big I didn't look "swollen" but yes being pregnant isn't as charming as people make it to be" she reassures me.

"Yeah you could say that again" we both start to laugh but it slowly gets silent "Hey I think I'm gonna go to bed...haven't slept so well" I say standing up

"Okay, well I hope you sleep well" she kisses my cheek and walk away. I finally make it to my old room, it's only been 4months and she already manage to turn it into a guest room. The bed sheets are white and comforter has a paisley pattern with the colors of white, black, navy blue, and pink. The curtains are a sheer blue, and the shelfs on my old book case is fill with a bunch of family photo graphs in black thick frames. I grab some pjs out of my old dresser that I had put in when I first got back home, I quickly put a giant t-shirt on and my favorite yoga pants.

Once I lay in bed feel my phone vibrate in my hand, I look at the screen and it reads Justin. God I haven't seen that name pop up on my phone screen in so long. I open the message and it reads...

J: So your coming to my house for Thanksgiving how come...

He's not serious is he.

M: Well first things first I didn't know I was coming to your house till tonight and second I have stuff I need to talk to you about.

J: Why does everyone keep saying that!

M: Saying what?

J: That we need to talk, why can't you just tell me now.

M:'s not something to say threw text

J: Then ill call you

M: No. Justin I need to tell you in person. Look its late I need to get some sleep okay, ill see you tomorrow. Night.

J: Fine. Night

I set my phone on my night, snuggling into my comforter.

God I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

I suddenly wake up with a rush of nausea, I whip of the comforter, rushing out of my room across the hall and straight to the toilet bowl. Instantly my body starts to lurch forward making the vomit move up in my throat, out my mouth an into the toilet.

"Malia, honey! Are you okay" I hear my mom rush into the bathroom instantly pulling my hair back.

"" Im about to whip my mouth but instead I started throughing up.

"Oh sweety" my mom rubs my back trying to comfort me.

I am unable to control my stomach, I am throughing up to much that it has gotten to the point were I am throughing up nothing.

"You okay sweety" I lean back wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"No. Um mom I think I'm gonna take a shower" I say flushing the toilet

"Okay well when you are done you want to help me make the apple crisp and mash potatoes"

"Yeah sure" I nod

"Okay" she says and leaves me in the bathroom, I stand up and start to strip of all my clothes. I turn on the shower holding my hand under water till it is the perfect temperature and jump into the shower. I stand under the steaming hot water letting the water roll down my back. I put shampoo and conditioner into my, I shave all the necessary places, and wash my body. I stand under the water for another couple minutes, and soon I get out. I wrap the towel around my body and quickly walk out the door and into my room.

I slip on a new pair if under, bra, loose tank-top, and leggings. I keep my hair down and let it air dry. I walk down stairs to meet my mom in the kitchen, she has a whole line of food cooked for tonight sitting on the all looks delicious. "Can I just eat it all now" I joke

"Haha, no, we have to save it for later" she giggled

"So what should I do"

"Can you slice all those apples" she points to a pile of un touched apples

"Okay" I start to slice the apples and soon I'm putting the crumbs, oats, and cinnamon on all the sliced apples. Later I help mash the potatoes, then makes the gravy, and lastly cook the homemade macaroni and cheese. "Hey what time is mom"

"Uhh 3 almost 4"

"Okay, I'm gonna go upstairs and get changed" I say pulling the homemade macaroni out of the the oven.

"Alrighty" I leave the kitchen heading up stairs to my room, I open the closet scanning all the clothes I packed searching for the outfit I pack for the Thanksgiving dinner. I pull out my baby pink blazer with quarter sleeves, black peplum top, baby pink maturnaty skinny jeans, and black flats. I quickly slip on my outfit, and head straight to doing my make up. Nothing heavy but nothing to light, I use all nude make up adding a touch of glossy pink lip gloss and enough mascara. I pull my hair up into a messy but neat bun. I grab my clutch and my phone and slip my phone into my clutch.

I skip down stairs and take a seat at the island in the kitchen waiting for my mom.

"Hey sweety you rea- wow you gorgeous" she smiles pulling her purse over shoulder.

'Thank you, you look beautiful also momma"

~ ~ ~

"Oh my god..I..I can't do this" I quickly put my seat belt on waiting for my mom to pull out of the drive way.

"No, Malia we are doing this" she reaches her arm over to unbuckle my seat belt, and walks out of the car. She stands in front of the car waving her hand for me to come out of the car. I take a deep and grip tight on the bowl of mask potatoes and walk out of the car.

"Okay, here goes nothing" I let my mom walk in front of me and up to the door, she knock three times and waits from the door to open.

The door soon opens, I can't see who opened the door because I'm hidding behind my mom "Hi Shaina, its nice to see you again" oh god I've missed the voice, but its changed, its alot more....manlier.

"Hi Justin, its nice to see you too" My mom says but suddenly movescausing it to be just me and Justin.

"Hi Justin"

(Yay!!!! The second book. Okay I'm gonna try not to do to many notes at the end of each chapter but I just want to see what you guys thought about this first chapter for the second book!! Well if you really liked it you know what to do lol)

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