Zombie Apocalypse. | One Direction

Because of experiments, many members of the scientific team die for unknown issues. Now they "come alive again", becoming those "living dead humans" that we see in science fiction movies, characters who never thought they'd be real. Now they travel the world in search of human flesh to devour that of survivors who have not yet died.
Every day there are new shelters, problems, dangers. All we can do is try to survive, touring various parts of the continent in search of the "cure" that will get you back to normal, and everyone can get on with their lives.
Do the zombies get to rule the world?
We will have to overcome the deaths of our loved ones, those who have always been with us. We must overcome every obstacle in our way to try to save the world.

Several survivors from different corners of the world, unite for the same reason.
"Do not share any kind of relationship or feelings with a human person who has survived."

Will we survive the zombie apocalypse without being eaten?


1. synopsis

My name is Samantha Parker and I just turned 18. I'm tall, white skin, long brown hair, hazel eyes, and thin. 

I have a little sister who is 8 years old and is called Amy Parker. 

I've never been loved by my parents, I could say that I was an unwanted child, and that also hurts, because my sister, then why do we exist? 

I live in Miami, the truth is that life here is pretty good, and I like it. 

I was laying in bed in my room, my parents were at work and I stroked the blond hair of my sweet sister, who was sleeping, I envy her. 

She is beautiful. I do not. 

She has friends. I do not. 

She is happy. I do not. 

Although it only has 8, is happy, and I'm glad, because it does not suffer. 

Within hours, the news on television struck me ago: 

The human race is dying. 

What? Why? A zombie apocalypse. 

Does that sound stupid? I know. How are they going to invade the "zombies" the planet, that's insane! Surely it was a joke in bad taste, yeah, sure. 

And I was wrong, at the moment the human race was dying and disease spread. 

Would you be able to survive a zombie apocalypse in order not to die devoured and save the world? 

In this experience, Sam will meet people who will be vital in her life where finally she'd know the guy who has been waiting all her life, in the end of the world, but she'll do.

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