The Story Of My Life


1. Younger years.

Hey guys!! Well I'm gonna so this chapter on my years from 0-7 :) well when I was first in my mother's womb, my parents were only 17. My mom and dad wanted to get married before they had a child. So, they has a great big wedding. Then, they both turned 18 and had me. Meadow Kelli ___. My mom and dad moved into the same house just them and me. My mom struggled to pay the bills while working almost everyday all day. Then she came home to a crying baby every night with a drunken dad passed out on the floor. My dad went to parties while my mom was gone a lot, so I spent most time with my Oma and papa. (German for grandma and grandpa) at the age of three, my mom soon found out my dad...was cheating on her. They made a divorce and my mom moved out. We all lived in Kansas but most of my mom's family lived in Illinois. Except for her mom, dad, brothers, and one sister. My mom and her family decided to move to Illinois but my dad stayed with his while family. His family was scattered around the world but his closest family was in Kansas. My mom asked me one day if I wanted to stay with my dad or come with her. I was a mamma's girl so I went with her. I still saw my dad and my other family in the summer. Plus they took turns on my birthday and Xmas. Like for my eleventh bday I was with my mom. Then 12 my dad. Anyway, when I was five I got my own four wheeler and tried running away because I was jealous of my mom's boy friend. I thought she hated me....I grabbed my piggy bank, my kitten, an apple, some little food, a blanket, a bottle of water, and left. (Remember I was only five) i got maybe a mile away and got cold because it was snowing out. I went back home because I missed my mom and wanted some hot cocoa. (Lol I'm serious) I put all he stuff back and hopped in bed with my mom and her boy friend. "What's wrong sweat pea?" She asked me. "I tried running away. But it was to cold so I came back." She laughed. "I would have been very sad if you did. Don't try that again. Got it?" I shook my head and she warmed my hands by softly blowing on them with her warm breathe. I fell asleep. At the age if six I was walking down a street at my baby sitter's and a girl that was 12 came and took me behind her house and put me under a towel and humped me. She told me not to tell anyone or els I would be in big trouble. I believed her for many days that she did this. I hated it. Finally I told my mom and they made me go to her house by myself and tell her mom. I mumbled it because there was little boys standing next to her listening to us. "You daughter husbsnnsn...." I said a few times quietly. "What? My baby would never cus. Now go home little girl." And she slammed the door on my face. Before she shut the door I glared at the little boys and they ran off. I thought to myself as I walked away. 'Oh she didn't cus that's for sure...but just wait till you find out what she DID do....' At the age of seven my baby sitter quit because she had surgery and couldn't take care of me. But when I went to school, I saw her walking perfectly fine picking up another kid she baby sat. It made be sad because I thought she hated me. Well, turns out she did. My mom put an add on the paper and guess who called..... The same woman. My mom was so mad she hung he phone up on her right after she said 'bitch!!!' into the phone. I was like. 'Whoa.' In my mind. That's it for this chapter. I'll post more another time :) oh and the idea of this kind of book came from LukesBae

If I spelt it wrong tell me in the comments and I'll fix it :) thanks for reading!! Love you my munchkins!! Byee! Muah! ;* and also check out her book and make a book like this to but mention her in it so more people do this to! And tell them to merino her to! Thanks! Bye again my munchkins love you!! Muah! ;*

-In Love With Harry

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