(Creepypasta) Meeting RendermanL

You go out during night and run into a beast... You end up almost murdered but something makes you stay alive


2. Your life ride is over?

You fell on your knees next to your mother who was led there. You checked her heart beat, but there was nothing there. Her blood was splattered up the walls and over all her cloths. You burst into tears looking down at your poor mother but a laugh made you look up. Standing in the dark hall way there was a person. The only light was moon light so you could only make out a pair of wings and long hair. They were staring right at you. The moon light was coming from a broken window behind them. Suddenly the beast lunged towards you and you fell back your heart pounding. You crawled back looking for something on the floor to hit it with. You felt something leather in your hand and you looked up to see that same beast looking down at you. It seemed to smirk. You had grabbed their shoe. You scattered away but they just laughed again, there arms crossed. There laugh seemed very high pitched and girlish but still evil. Then you could not back up any more.. You had hit a wall. You looked up at the beast as it stepped forward. Your back agasint the wall, you didnt moved scared what would happen. Then you noticed the beasts hands... There was claws covered in blood. The same claws as before. Before the beast could lunge at you, you jumped up to the side just as they attacked. "Give up... Your life ride is over" They yelled and pushed you to the floor and then jumped on you holding a knife in the air. You didnt give in. Shoving them of you dashed up the stairs which were coated in blood. You had to find a phone to ring the police! Another dark laugh rung in your ears as you saw the beast standing there with a phone in there hands. "Looking for something?" They whispered. Clenching there hand it snapped the phone in half. Standing back scared, you heard them whisper "Your life ride is over" before you plunched into a dark void...

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