Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


4. chapter4

"David it's not worth it" I said. The bell rang and the crowd of people left. That's when Will put his hand on my shoulders and we left to our next class. Me and Cole had history together next, "are you okay?" Cole asked me. "I'm fine just I'm a little bruised, Sean pinned me against the wall pretty hard" I replied to Cole. "Well if you'd like I could take you home after school and I can help you put ice on your bruises" Cole suggested, "thanks Cole that's super sweet, but I promised David I would help him with homework" I replied. "Wow, you just met him today and your helping him with his homework, how do you make friends so quickly?" Cole asked, he chuckled and then gave me one of his world famous Cole Pendery smiles. "When Sean broke up with me, he was there I guess he was just jogging or something and I fell, he helped me up and I guess he goes here" I said. "Well just be careful, your like a little sister to me and I don't want you to get hurt" Cole said.

After school

David walked me to his house, we stepped in front of a door and David opened it. "No ones home" David said to me. "How do you know?" I asked," my mom would be cooking" David told me as we walked in. "You can drop your stuff on the couch" I walked to a green couch and and set my backpack on it. I grabbed my binder and sat at the table where David was sitting, "so what did you get for math homework?" I asked. "Well something about letters and numbers" David said as he hit his pencil on the sheet pointing to what he got. I didn't understand any of this. "I don't get this" I said, "then I guess were in the same boat" David replied. "I wish Will was here," I said as I got out my notebook. "Me to, but we could take a break, and watch a movie." David said as he smiled. His smile was so cute, he had the face of a baby and the body of a Greek God. "I guess and if we can't figure it out we can get Will to do it for us" I said as I giggled. David sat on the couch and grabbed the remote, I sat next to him. We were watching the amazing Spider Man. "So you like spider man?" I asked, "I just don't like it, I love it, don't get me wrong but sometimes I think I'm spider man" David said. I giggled, "I think that's cute, it's not weird" I said. The whole night we talked, ate, and watched movies.

It was twelve midnight and out homework hadn't even got started on, I fell asleep on David's shoulder and David fell asleep on my head. I think David realized that I slept over, so he picked me up bridal style and carried me to his room, he lied me on his bed, and left. I guess I was sleeping over at his house.

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