Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


7. chapter 7


Sean came over. "Okay, let's get one thing straight here, I'm the guy so I get to tell you what to do!" Sean yelled to me. (Okay not exactly what he said but that's what the impression was like) "no, Sean you hurt me last night and I don't think that was a good idea, I gave you a second chance but it's over" I said. Sean slapped me across my face. A tear rolled down my burnt cheek. "Get out!" I yelled. Just as Sean left David came in. I turned around so he wouldn't see my face. "Hey Olivia, I wanted to ask if you were okay from last night" David said to me. " I'm fine," I said. David turned me around. "He hit you didn't he?" David asked. I looked away. "I broke up with him," I said. I sobbed, I lied my head in David's chest and listen to his slow heart beat, as I sobbed. "He wont get away with this" David said to me as he stroked my hair. I got out of his lock and wiped my eyes. "I'm sorry you and the boys had to be involved in my love life" I said as I went to the kitchen, David followed. I handed him a cookie. "It's okay, Olivia, it's not right what Sean does. He needs help, and so do you" David said as he bit into his cookie. "Why do I need help?" I asked. "Because I'm gonna chase you and then when I grab you, I will tickle you" David said as he finished his cookie. I ran, I ran all the way up the stairs but he grabbed me, he dragged me all the way back down stairs, and lied me on my couch, he started to tickle me. I was contagious of the giggles. He smiled, his smile was so cute it made me feel happy. "Surrender!" David yelled. He was so goofy. "Surrender what?" I said as I laughed in between my sentence. "Your cookie!" David yelled. "Fine I surrender! Just stop tickling me before I piss my pants!" I yelled. He ate the cookie right out of my hand. "Ew! You licked me!" I said wiping my hands on his shirt. "Hey since there's nothing to do, want to go to the park?" David asked me. "Sure, but we have to bring Zack" I said. "That's fine" David said. "Zack!!!" I yelled. "What?!" He yelled back. "We're going to the park!" I yelled back. "Coming!" Zack yelled back. "You guys yell a lot" David said. "It's our thing" I said. Zack came downstairs and he ran outside. I locked the door from the outside. As we walked to the park, David and me started talking, I told him how I sometimes had panic attacks, I was afraid of heights and I liked to sing, he told me he grew up as a dancer in Chicago and it was his life, he had an obsession with spider man and he liked to crack jokes. When we made it to the park, Zack ran wild and David and me went to the monkey bars. David sat on the top, "hey sit next to me" David asked, "I can't I'm a afraid of heights" I said. "I am Spider-Man!" David yelled. I rolled my eyes and checked the time on my phone. As I looked up David was hanging upside down, "oh Jesus" I said as I palmed my face. "You know how spider man kissed Mary Jane like this?" David asked. "Yeah, so" I replied. "Can we do that?" David asked. "I don't know let me think" I said. "We'll hurry up, the blood is rushing to my head, I think I'm about to pass out" David said. "Fine I'll kiss you, but we are just friends". I said. I kissed David on the lips, it was weird kissing David upside down, his chin was where his nose was supposed to be and his stubble kinda tickled me. "Okay," I said, this was so awkward. "Can you help me down, I'm dizzy" David said to me. "Oh yea" I said, I came to him, and I supported him as he came down. "So" he said. "So" I said back. "Well this is awkward" i said. "You should've never kissed me" David said. "But, I wanted to" I replied, he smiled. "So can we kiss again?" David asked. "David, I just got out of realationship so give me a break" I said. "Sorry" David said. "It's okay" I replied. We watched Zack play, and as it got dark, we left. At my house David and I watched tv and ate junk food, while Zack was asleep. Me and David fell asleep on the couch, once again. But this time we stayed there. I fell asleep to his heartbeat, it was slow but soothing.

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