Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


15. chapter 15

After the boys left I took a bus home, because my car broke down. As the bus left me around the corner I was pushed to the ground. It was Sean. "What is wrong with you?!" I yelled. "Shit up bitch!" He yelled. He pushed me up against a house nearby and grinder on me. "Help!" I yelled. He put his hand over my mouth, all I could do is cry. I had no one to help me out of this situation. He rubbed his hands against my breasts. I bit his hand and kicked him in the balls. I grabbed my purse and ran, I ran home, because my mother was at work my brother was home alone so I had to go get him. I grabbed him out of his bed and ran with him I ran all the way to my moms job. She looked at me. "Honeys what's wrong?!" She asked. I handed Zack to her. I broke down in tears. "I was raped!" I yelled. Her face was in shock. My mother set Zack down on a couch in her office. I cried in my moms arms. "Who did this to you?" My mother asked. "Sean!" I said. "I'm calling the cops!" My mother said.

After my mother called the cops they contacted saying Sean was taken into custody and would get a parol officer and a restraining order from my family. When I got home I put on my spider man shirt and sweat pants. I cried my self to sleep, why did this happen to me?

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