Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


14. chapter 14

Friday I got up early, I was deciding if I should go say goodbye to the boys. I decided. I got dressed into my flower printed dress and jean jacket. I stuffed my spider man shirt inside my purse and ran downstairs. I got into my moms old rundown car but it got me to the bus port a lot faster. Just as I was on the highway my car broke down there was smoke everywhere. I got out and grabbed my purse and left it there. I ran down the high way. I finally made it to the city. I took a bus all the way to the bus port. I looked for the boys and when I saw the back of David's head I got nervous. The boys were boarding the bus, and David was last to get on. I ran to the bus. "Wait!" I yelled. David's head turned. "Olivia!" He yelled. The security was holding me back because I didn't have a ticket. "Let her go, she's with me" David said. I hugged him. "I couldn't let you go" I said. "Why did you change your mind?" David asked. "Because in the end you just have to trust your loved one" I said. "Five minutes!" The bus driver yelled. "I don't want you to go" I said. David's hands were wrapped around my waist. "I have to, but in three months I'll see you" David said. He kissed my neck. I put my nails into his hair and kissed him on the lips. I hadn't done that in a few days. "Okay kid I'm gonna leave without you" the bus driver said to David. "I've got to go, but I want to give you this" David said. He took off his gold chain and put around my neck. "Bye David, I'll miss you" I said. He kissed me on the lips and then got on the bus. I wasn't gonna see him till next school year. And we aren't even going to the same college.

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