This is the story of my cat, Stray! Weird name, I know, I. Was . THREE! So it's her story through her eyes.


1. The outside

 **********not extremely sure this is how it started. I was in New York at the time*************

 It's hot. The summer sun beats down on my frail body. I stumble into a community. So many trees. I walk down to a less shady area. I walk into a yard. A man with darker skin sat on his unshaded porch. "Hello little kitty." I meowed in response. He went inside and returned with some food. It tasted bland but I was starving. While I was eating the man slipped inside. I walk along to the house I had just passed. A women with short blonde hair sat smoking a cigarette. I walk over and meowed. "Go away." She said sternly. I meowed again. "The hotel is full. Two cats is enough." She said laughing. I meowed helplessly. "Ugh fine." She got up and returned with a bowl of much better tasting food. I ate it all up. "You must have been hungry." She smiled. And I kept on returning.


  Authors note: Hi! This is my cats story. She's an amazing pet because she answered my prayer for a kitten. I love her. Oh and thanks Tricky M. B. For this idea because she wrote her dogs story. So read it. Her story's are great!

                                                   <3 Ferretsrock982 

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