Chelsea and her best friends,grace and Ashley are new at beacon hills high school and know about the to to find out more...


2. Meeting the Gang

"Since your new and might not have anywhere to sit at lunch,do you three maybe wanna sit with us?" Scott asked.grace,Ashely,and I exchanged looks and said sure.

•Lunch Time•

•Grace's POV•

Class ended and we went to our lockers."I don't know about you girls but I think scott is really cute!"I said."OMG!are you for real?" Chelsea replied."yes I'm for real!"I said."you have no taste in guys whatsoever...."Chelsea said."yeah yeah whatever...."I replied.when we got to the lunch room,it was super crowded.i probably should've figured this much since it was a public school.we found Scott and stiles table and walked over and sat down.there was a couple of other people sitting at the table with us."hey guys!we'd like to introduce some of our friends to ya."stiles said.i looked over and saw ashley starring at stiles like he was cameron Dallas.he pointed a strawberry-blonde haired girl who's name was Lydia.he pointed to a boy with a 'beacon hills lacrosse' team jersey on who's name was Liam.he pointed to a boy with brown curly hair who's name was Isaac.i saw Chelsea starring at Isaac the same way Ashley was starring at Stiles.he pointed to a girl with shoulder length black hair who's name was Kira.the last person he introduced was a girl had short brown hair who's name was Allison.after stiles introduced everyone to us,some nerdy kid came up to Ashley and started to ask her something.

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