Virtual Hunger Games

This is a virtual hunger games! sign up and be ready to play. May the odds be ever in your favour


6. the chosen

District one

Male: Sam Prune

Female: Daisy Griswald

District two

Male: Matthew Stevens

Female: Annabelle Bernier-Cardou

District three

Male: John May

Female: Megan Night

District four

Male: Morris Young

Female: Myra Waters

District five

Male: Jason Colby

Female: Gabrielle May

District six

Male: Haven Kole

Female: Jade Dide

District seven

Male: Thomas Whitescar

Female: Valkyrie Ravensdale

District eight

Male: Alex Collon

Female: Kaylie Berkley

District nine

Male: Matthew March

Female: Asuna Ayanyuki

District ten

Male: Dark Rivers

Female: Dawn Rivers

District eleven

Male: Zach Costello

Female: Megan Rain

District twelve

Male: Peter Spark

Female:Marrisa Home



May the odds be ever in your favour

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