Virtual Hunger Games

This is a virtual hunger games! sign up and be ready to play. May the odds be ever in your favour


18. District Seven

Thomas' P.O.V

The reaping. The reaping. The reaping. It kept going through my head. I was sat there with my girlfriend Valkyrie and I think I could talk for both of us. Well just her. She was scared. I wasn't. We always got out of it. I drew my hand through my jet black hair. I got up and left her there. I turned around. I couldn't do it. I picked her up and kissed her full on the lips. 

"I'll see you at the pizza parlour after the reaping right" She said breaking the kiss.

"Of course" I answered planting a soft kiss on her cheek before leaving. 

God I loved that girl.


Valkyrie's P.O.V

Ugh. Once 'he' left I wiped my lips with the back of my hand. He's sweet but. No not for me. I'd set it up. We were both going to the games. I was gonna kill him. Kill him. I slipped on my jumper and camo boots before I left.  I sprinted down the road to the pen. My blonde hair was running wild. I skipped jumped and landed in the pen. 

"Ha" I said and moved to the side. If I'm going (which I am) I want to do it in style. With speed. I need to look good doing it to. I looked over behind me. Over to the boys pen. I say Thomas standing there. He looked cute I had to admit but not for me. I looked at his friend. Jack Haden I think his name was. Well he was for me. Dark. Hot. Didn't take an interest in me. Hard to get. I turned around when I heard an 'ahem' into the microphone.


They stood there. Thomas with fear on his face, Val... With pride. 

"Welcome all! To the reaping for the 76th annual hunger games!" The only person who cheers is Valkyrie. 

"As always girls first!" Effie said

"Valkyrie Ravensdale!" She called around the echoing buildings. She sprinted to the front with her ring glinting in the sunlight. she  back springed onto the platform and stood there. A hand on her hip her hair being blown by the wind. He camo bottoms and black top stood out from the other girls wearing dresses in light colours. She stood out.

"Now for the boys" Effie said with a quiet little laugh at the end

"The tribute is...." 

You could hear all the boys taking in long breathes. No-one really wanted to go.

"Thomas Whitescar!" Effie shouted into a microphone making some younger children hold their hands over their ears. Thomas stumbled up to the front. His token in hand. A jar. A jar of white wine. 

"Lets have an applause for our tributes!" effie said and there were some faint claps. Valkyrie and Thomas were bundled onto the train. 

"Oh yeah. Thomas?" Val said wide eyed.

"We're through"


A/N I won't be posting tomorrow its my brothers birthday :) Keep laughing!

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