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12. District One

A/N Hi guys! I hope you like this chapter. I'm going to try to update everyday for you! I won't do many authors notes because i find them irritating so I'm guessing others do to. Take care my fellow hunger games fans!



Sam's P.O.V

I got up and realised what day it was. It was the reaping. I heard my brother and sister playing in the kitchen. "Mum?" I called "Do you have my clothes for the reaping?" Just as I finished the sentence she came into my room. I took my clothes from her and saw a tear in her eye. "It's Ok mum. I'll be fine" I said as she left me to change. But she didn't know. I was going to volunteer. I was going to the games.


Daisy's P.O.V

I was ready. Ready to win this. I slipped my dress on and called for my younger sister Elsie to button me up. As she left she said "We will be ok. Won't we Daisy?" I just nodded as she went out to eat. I sat at the table next to Honey, Facing Marco. I heard the bell ring from the town centre. It was time to go. I set off with Elsie. Holding her hand all the way there. We were safe last year. But not now. I will fit in. I will go to the games.




Daisy's P.O.V

We all lined up. By age and gender. Effie walked up onto the stage and said... 

" Welcome all to the reaping for the 76th annual hunger games!" She started clapping. No-one else did.

"Right. Well lets go. As always. Ladies first" She smiled. Her hand circled the opening to the barrel of names. She dove in and picked a name out.

"Hale Godrisen" She called. Everyone looked round to see a little 13 year old girl, I knew as my sisters best friend, Slowly moving up to the stage. This was my chance.

"I volunteer" I shouted and I felt millions of eyes fall on me. I saw my mother out of the corner of my eye and saw she was crying. Crying silent tears. I walked up to the stage with peacemakers following behind me. I stepped up and looked out over the thousands of children standing there. My eyes fell to my younger sister. I saw her crying in Hale's arms. 

"Ooh a volunteer! What's your name dear" Effie sickly said

"Daisy, Daisy Griswold" I replied. I looked out once more. At the place I called home. Knowing this may be the last time I saw it.


Sam's P.O.V

I saw Daisy up there. I knew her. Not well but I knew her. I loved her...


Effie put her hand in again. Pulling out another name. 

"Jaden Yale" She called. I saw a 14 year old step out. He wouldn't last a week in the arena. He looked that way, and I needed to protect Daisy.

"I volunteer" I screamed. Everyone heard me and turned my way. Jaden looked at me with eyes saying so many words. I strided up to the stage. Not looking back. I stood there and heard Effie say to me

"What's your name son?" 

"Sam Prune" I answered looking over at Daisy. She was looking out over our district with tears in her eyes. But not letting them spill

"Well shake hands!" Effie said interrupting my thoughts. I put my hand out to Daisy's and pulled her into a hug. 
"I will protect you" I whispered in her ear

. I didn't know how. I was 15. Against 16,17 year olds. Maybe we would be the last two. if that happened I would kill myself for her. I held our hands up and we were taken into separate rooms to say our goodbyes. 


Daisy's P.O.V

I sat on the sofa fighting back tears. My family piled into the small room. They didn't want me to go. I knew. That was how we lost my twin sister summer. But we didn't talk about that. I got lost in my thoughts. I knew they were talking but it didn't register with me. The only thing I heard them say was good luck as they pressed a charm bracelet into my hand. I looked at the charms. One for my dad who died at work. One for me, My brother and my two sisters. Also a separate one with the engraving 'Family never dies and is always in our hearts'  in the centre. As they left I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders as I waited for the peacekeepers to come.


Sam's P.O.V

I sat there waiting. No-one came in. Just a peacekeeper with a badge with a yew tree on it. My mothers badge. I was taken where I met Daisy at the gate. We boarded the train. For maybe the last time we looked out over our district. Our home

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