Virtual Hunger Games

This is a virtual hunger games! sign up and be ready to play. May the odds be ever in your favour


20. District Nine

Mathews P.O.V

"yay the reaping" I say sarcastically to myself what's the point of going to the games if I might lose the careeres almost win every year een though some of the tributes in my district won but not as many as the careers I hope I don't get picked I go to my wardrobe pick something presentable and march away to my pen and see Effie walking carelessly to the stage

Asuna Ayanukis P.O.V

i wake up in a terrible hedache and what makes it worse that it's reaping day I reach for the first thing I find and wear hearing the bell I head out and sign up and go to my pen seing Effie already in the stage 

"Welcome,Welcome,Welcome to the seventy sixth annual hunger games" she says before clapping her hand 

"As Usual Ladies first she says before heading to the ball of papers and picks out a paper and slowly opens it making the suspense kill us all

"Asuna Ayanuki" she says once I hear my name I feel my knees buckled and I felt like dying hearing Effie call my name so peacekeepers come and push me to the stairs making me wait and wait for the boy to come and meet our deaths

"Now for the boys" she says before picking another paper 

"Mathew March" she says before I see a boy my age come slowly and shakes my hand tightly as we head to the justice building awaiting for anyone to show up I hug me half bracelet given to me from my mom her last words were you have a long lost brother I hope I find him soon

Mathews P.O.V

no one is coming for me I just know it here I am entering the games awaiting my death I takemy half  bracket and realize my quest isn't complete yet I have to find my long lost sister

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