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15. District Four

Morris' P.O.V

The day. The day I can get away from it all. The day I can go to the games. I opened my eyes and stumbled into the corner of my flat where I kept my dirty clothes and scanned the pile.

"Ahh that'll do" I thought to myself and I pulled out a black pair of chinos and just kept on the brown baggy jumper I had on.  I had a treck to the town square so I set  off early. When the centre was in sight the bell rung. There wasn't many kids left here in district after the um.... uprising last year. But there was enough for games to come. I got my finger pricked and went to my pen. As the pens were filling up I realised. I'm only 13. Most 14-18 year olds were killed. There wasn't many of us left. I was up agaist 2 boys to go. I might not get out of this one. 


Myra's P.O.V

I got up late. Whatever. The bell had gone. Who cares? I slipped on my black mini skirt and a cyan top. I looked in the mirror and applied some light make up. Blue eye shadow, foundation, cyan contacts. I slipped on white high heels and put on my necklace. We don't do goodbyes here. Only district one and district twelve do. Pussys. I walked out and down. There was only 7 girls left. I wasn't stupid enough to go with my 'friends' to the uprising. No. I was too busy. But now I'll go to the games. Great. Muddy, oozing, sticky, disgusting games. I shivered at the thought. Nothing else to do! I ran for my life. I was late. I got there and effie called my name once more. The boy was already called. We were bundled into the train. I felt my necklace once more before falling asleep. My thoughts leading my dreams.



a/n sorry for short chapter <3 im not feeling well and birthdays are coming up. Im just nervous. :)) Keep laughing!



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