Virtual Hunger Games

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19. District Eight

Alex's P.O.V

i woke up behind the trash bin remembering what day it is as usual people are afraid that they might be in the games were they would compete to the death and try to win all ages from twelve to fifteen are crying male and female but I wasn't I wanted to compete because I'm sick of being treated poorly because I'm poor I will show the people even if I'm poor I can win I started washing myself at the well trying to make myself look decent and headed to the place I might meet my destiny I stood at my pen and looked around people re afraid crying their eyes out awaiting who will be going to the games Effie stood there looking around before speaking into the microphone 

"welcome,welcome,welcome every body to the reaping for the seventy sixth annual hunger games"

"as usual ladies first" she said

she poured her hand into the ball of paper and got out one

"our female tribute is Kylie Berkley" 

Kylie's P.O.V

im ready as always I wanted to go to the games try to win like the previous tributes to something spectacular to be rememebered and here's my chance to prove myself I dozed of but then I heard my name being boomed around the area I look up seing Effie awaiting my arrival I smiled showing everyone that I wasn't scared I walked up to the stage awaiting my partner that will compete against me in the games"and now for the boys" Effie said I looked around meeting peoples terrified eyes worried looks mothers crying scared of the thought that one of their children will go to the games that they might come back dead or alive"Alex Collin" she says I proudly  I look around noticing a boy stepping forward he seems like the same age as me

"now shake hands" she says I look across meeting his care-free face I shake his hand then wipe my hands clean

"Our tributes for district 9 everybody,happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor" she says before were followed to the justice building awaiting our families to say our last goodbyes but only one member of my family come my sister she hugs me tightly and giving me a token on my hand it's a necklace that has a heart in it I hold it tightly to my chest letting a few tears fall down my cheek I look to the other room noticing that Alex has no one with him

Alex's P.O.V

i wait and wait and wait but no one comes but I still have my old token it's a picture of me and my family time runs out and I'm headed home looking back at the place I despised the most hoping that I may never see it again

sorry but I won't be updating the next two weeks because I'm traveling to Italy  I will try to write and when I get home I will publish  them thank u sincerely T.W Shadownight and Mia Dawson thank u

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