Selena and justin are done. But selena cant stop getting flashbacks from all the mistakes she has done.


1. chapter 1

Selenas POV



November 6th, 2012

"Why is it ALWAYS like that?" I said madly.

"Like what!?"

"We're always fighting!" I sat down on the couch.

"Maybe it's because you think there's some deeper meaning behind everything i say!" Justin looked mad at me.

"It's not my fault that i'm trying to figure you out since you're always on tour and never with me!" The tears were coming, i had never said anything like that before. 

"Are you serious?! You really think i should drop my work for you?!"

"That's soo NOT what i was saying"

"Well then what are you saying?"

"I can't handle always being number 2 Justin"

"So you are really saying that i should drop my work?!"

"No but at least make some time for me!"

"Selena i do, you just use the time to fight with me"

"Justin FUCK YOU" I ran towards the door.

The last thing i heard was "don't let the door hit you on your way out"



I open my eyes and saw the crowd cheering. I smile big when i see all the signs.

I quickly wipe a tear away and continue singing

"I'm sorry for leaving you when you needed me the most

and i'm sorry for saying i still love you when i don't"

The fans scream and i suddenly feel very calm "Thank you so much for tonight it has been a blessing and you guys continue to make me feel so happy"


Francia runs up to me and says "I guess it's still pretty hard huh?"

I nods and hug her "bathroom?"

In the bathroom i burst into tears "How am i still sad? It's been two fuckin' years!"

"Sel, you're sure you still don't love him right?"

"I don't love him and i haven't in a while now. I just feel very guilty all the time and the relationship ended the wrong way"

"Well you guys have been on&off in a long time now"

"Francia, he's over me now, i swear i haven't seen him this happy in ages"

I wash my face and take a deep breath

"I need to get ready for this interview with Jimmy Fallon"



I walk down the stairs and hug Jimmy and sit down in the chair.

"Well hello Selena how are you? You're looking gorgeous!"

"Well thank you so much, and i've been doing great"

"Your new music is amazing, and it seems a bit more personal?"

"Well again thank you and definitely, i mean, i have written all the songs on the album, so of course it's influinced by what i'm thinking and my life"

Jimmy looks at me and says "the newest song, i saw a video from earlier and that song was definitely very honest. What's it about?"

"Um it's about..."


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