A poem about stars. Enjoy!


1. Stars



Jewels in the night sky-

Inviting me to soar by,

Are glistening to a heavenly tune

Each a part of an unusual dune.


Moon looks serene and mild,

Peeping down at the woods-wild.

Cascading river gently flows,

Beside it, the sweet magnolia grows.


Placid tributary battles the mammoth boulders!

As an enchanting mist sets in and smoulders…

The twinkling diamonds happily prance,

And thus, continues nature’s dance.


The scintillating giants of the firmament lean tall,

Reminding of long gone loved ones to all.

But the mischievous shimmering of stars continue,

The ones who’ve missed this epiphany have to but rue.


The sparkling gems though afar,

Prevail to be the endless void’s tsar!

Admiring the beauteous conception of time,

I thereby write this rhyme.


Inscribing about a wondrous sight to behold,

I preserve it in my heart like treasure-gold.

As the wind turns gelid and river-ice,

The glittering guardians of the sky remind one of happiness and paradise…

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