Desire Of The Soul

He is an Aries. He’s 6’1”. He has brown hair. He has brown eyes.
And he has a killer attitude.
Skylar Gordan has a knack for finding trouble, and as much as she wishes she could blame it on her unusual physic ability, she knows it isn't true. After having a vision of her death, Sky follows a potential lead that may just cause what she is trying to prevent, with the help of her best friend Andrew and the mysterious stranger who seems to know more than Sky does, the reality of her situation is that trusting the wrong person won't just break her heart, it could cost her her life. With Alexander's mysterious help, they'll discover more than just the burning desires of each other’s soul…
Because Skylar Gordan is harboring more than one deadly secret...


1. Prologue




It was time. I had fought against it for so long, but the chips were already falling into place. Every move, every decision I had made in the last six months have led to this inevitable outcome. I pushed my legs harder envisioning the only face that would make me survive this night. I choked back a sob knowing I should accept my fate, but how can I accept death?

My vision blurred but it wasn’t from the tears, it was as if I was drunk. My movements were slowing becoming disjointed and fuzzy. I glanced behind me but I couldn’t see a thing, it was black. I could only see what was in front of me. My steps stuttered and I leant my shoulder against the cold wall and as my adrenaline started to wear off the pain hit. My whole body throbbed, as if I someone had chucked me into a blender and pressed ‘start.’ Liquid dripped down my face except this time it wasn’t a tear.

All warmth left my body and I started shuddering as cold breaths left my lungs. There was no sound, no bird, cricket or rat scattering around, only a deathly quiet as if the animals knew what was about to happen next. It was fast.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and I was tossed to the ground and my assailant and I were lost in a tangle of limbs. I glimpsed a dark haired man with a unique tattoo on his upper bicep, just before it cut off my air supply. I felt a hot pain slice my neck, as if he had stabbed me with a hot poker and before I knew it I was drifting away, knowing that the inevitable had caught up to me. You can’t cheat fate, no matter how hard you try.

My body started shaking, as if I was convulsing on the ground and the world around me grew bright as a white light filled my vision. My name was being shouted but I was a as if the person were at the other end of the tunnel…

“Skylar?” A voice found me through the darkness, jolting me into awareness. “Skylar!”

I felt my body lying on a cold wooden floor, instantly jogging my memory of my kitchen. I couldn’t move for a few moments until my consciousness floated back to me and I opened my eyes squinting at the face in my personal bubble. “Dude personal space, look it up.”

I pushed Andrew’s face out of my way and pulled myself up to a sitting position and put my head between my legs as the unavoidable pain started. I felt Andy start pulling his fingers gently through my long hair as he knew it helped dull the pain. I sighed and lifted my head and flashed him a smile that said “I’m okay,” but he knew better.

When puberty hit, other tweens were getting acne and discovering boys didn’t quite have cooties anymore. But me? I was spontaneously losing consciousness and seeing snippets of the not so distant future. Welcome to my life. Obviously this didn’t leave much time for a social life let alone friendships. But a couple of years ago I saw a future I couldn’t ignore: Andrew getting hit by a car.

I have no control over these visions, but I could control whether or not I let Andrew be hit by a car with a 50/50 chance he could live or die. Obviously I wasn’t going to let him be hit by a stupid jock who doesn’t look in his mirrors when he’s reversing and ever since he has stuck with me, whether I want him to or not.

“What did you see?” He asked softly once the pain in my head had receded.

I looked into his deep brown eyes, debating whether to tell him or not. He cocked a bow at me and smiled encouraging me. “I saw my death.”


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