The secret within me

Amy is an normal, fifteen year old girl. She goes in high school in the northern part of the village Zureal. But she has a little problem. Her parents. They are way too overprotective. They never give her permission to anything, there has with night time to do, and every time she asks why, they blame it on the area. Zureal is a village with a lot of dangerous predators. That doesn't bother Amy. Actually, she think the predators are very fascinating.
So one night she's asked out by her crush, Seth. Amy decides to break the rules and sneak out. It was something never to forget.


3. World at night

"Biiiiiiiip!" I sat up, and pulled the earplug out of my ear. I looked at my phone. The volume was in total! It had almost made me deaf! Oh yeah, Seth and Viola. I got up in a rush. I already had my clothes on, so I just had to set my hair. I snuck down the stairs, and past their bedroom. I closed the head door as quiet as possible, took my bike and drove of. "I'm sorry..." I whispered to the night.

Seth and Violet were already there, but they stood with their backs towards me. "Hey," I tried. "I'm sorry, I'm a little late." I looked up. No reaction. Were they angry, because of me coming a little late? Nah, they weren't like that. Or were they? I reached them, and tried again. "Hey?" I poked to Seth's shoulder. They turned around. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They shouted. I stepped backwards, but something got a hold of my foot, so I fell. But before I touched the ground, Seth reacted fast enough to reach my wrist and catch me. "Thanks," I said relived. "No problem," he said and pulled me up. "Are you alright?" Viola asked. "It wasn't meant to kill you." I laughed. "Doesn't matter." "Okay then. what are we waiting for?" She smiled. "We gotta walk a little."

While walking, Seth asked me, what I wanted to show them. It was pretty dark, so obviously they couldn't see it. I took my phone, and switched over to flashlight, so my hair was shown. "Wow!" They said together. "Yeah right," I responded to their reaction. "It was my birthday present." "That's too bad," Seth said. I looked at him. "Now we can't use you as our guiding light," he teased. I hit him on the shoulder. "Au!" he complained. I smiled a confident smile. He saw it. "You little..." He was about to hit me, I tried to cover, but Viola saved me. "We're here!" She shouted. It was a little spot covered with the traditional, picnic red and white carpet. It was surrounded by lanterns who made it all light up. A small, triangle table covered the middle and a pillow was laying on each side. Not far from there, we could sit on the edge of the hill, and look over the sea. It was beautiful. "What do you think?" Seth asked. His golden-brown eyes shined in the light. "It's amazing," I answered in a breath. "Well... Come on! I've waited all day for the cake!" Seth said. "Huh," I said. There's a cake too? I walked towards the table. There really stood a cake, a strawberry cake! There even stood "Sweet 16, Amy<3" on it. "My mom made it," Viola said anxious. "Wow." A happy tear rolled down my cheek. "What's the matter, Amy? Don't you like it?" Viola asked. I couldn't speak, so I just nodded and pulled both of them in for a hug. "Thank you," I whispered and let go. "It's just because... I've never had any friends doing such things for me," I said and wiped away the tears. They looked at each other, and said, "then we're pleased to be the first!" And all of us laughed. "Now, come on. Blow out the lights," Viola said. "And wish for something." "Okay, okay," I calmed her down. I thought about what to whish for in a second. Then I closed my eyes and blew out the lights. "Yaaaay!" Viola shouted and clapped. "So what did you wish for?" Seth asked. Before I could answer, Viola hit him. "Au!" He shouted. "What was that for?" "She can't say, dummy. Or else it won't come true!" "Okay, I'm sorry! But stop hitting me! My arm will no longer look like itself, if you continue!" He complained. Viola and I looked at each other, and started laughing. "It's not funny, I'm serious!" He tried. But we just laughed even harder. He realised that he could do nothing to make us stop, so he started eating the cake. "Hey! You cheater!" I was still laughing. "No. When you are laughing at me,  I have the right to start, and I've waited all day for this cake!" I looked at him with a serious face, but couldn't hold it, and neither could Seth, so we both began to laugh.

The cake tasted even better, than it looked. When we were done, we just talked for half an hour, or so, and went over to the edge to watch the full moon. It was beautiful. "It's the first time I've ever seen the moon. It's beautiful," I said to them. They looked at me. "Really?" They asked. "Yeah. I mean, I've seen it on pictures and such, but not in real life." "How come?" Viola asked. "My mom and dad never let me be out at night. They say it's because of all the predators in the area, but they doesn't even let me watch it from my window, so I think that there is something else behind it." I didn't expect them to understand, but they kinda did. "Then, how did you get permission to get out tonight?" Viola just asked. "I didn't. I snuck out." "How? You always say that your parents watches even your smallest step." "I couldn't just pretend to sleep, because of their detector, but I sat an alarm to wake me up at 11, and I had one earplug in, so they couldn't hear it." "Clever," Seth commentated. "Thanks," I said proudly. I took a deep breath of the cold and clean night air, and threw myself down on the silky grass. It had started to get a little wet because of the dew. But it didn't matter. I took a deep breath of the cold night air, that surrounded us. "So this is what the world looks like at night," I thought. It filled me with happiness. I liked being outside in daytime, ever since I was a little girl. The indoor was so closed, and the air was thick and heavy, while outside... There were no limits of space, and the air was always so nice, no matter the weather. And all the different smells. Wonderful! But it was nothing compared to the night. Day was always full of noise, and people were always around. Here, it was quiet, only the wind and the animal sounds were to hear. The air was so much more fresh and clean than in daytime. No smoke, no perfume, no unnatural smells. Just the smell of mother nature. I took a heavy breath once more. I sighed. Seth and Viola laid down beside me. "You're lucky," I heard from my left side. "What," I turned my head. I blushed, when I realised Seth's head was lesser than five centimetres from mine. I hoped he couldn't see it, because of the faint light from the moon. "The moon, the sky. It's all so clear." "I don't understand." I said confused. "You can see the stars clearly," he said and pointed at the sky. "It's often cloudy, so you can't see them very well. But tonight, you can even see the milky way. And the moon is closer, than I've ever seen it."  I realised a little laugh. "My mom said, that it was like this, when I was born," I said and smiled. "The sky was clear like a new polished glass, and the moon was as close as ever." Seth smiled. He took his phone out. "It's almost midnight." I looked. "Yeah," I said. Actually, my birthday isn't exactly today. It's on the edge to both today and tomorrow. I was born at exactly 12 o'clock, midnight. Nothing more, nothing less. But we chose to tell celebrate it on the day before. "10... 9... 8..," they started to count down. It was the first time I experienced being awake while turning a year older. I closed my eyes. "3... 2... 1... Congratulation!" They shouted. I let the feeling of turning sixteen, run through me. A fresh, and surprisingly warm, breeze ran over me. "Sixteen, huh," I said to myself. I let my mind flow with the breeze. A howl ripped up the air. I opened my eyes. "A wolf," Seth said. "We'd better get going. Your parents are right about the predictors. Even our parents won't let us be out this late. We better follow you home. No one knows what can happen, when you're not used to the night." "Yeah," I responded and raised up. Suddenly, it all started to spin around. The ground was one with the sky, and I couldn't tell what was up, and what was down. When my mind started to get right, I found myself in Seth's embrace. "Are you okay?!" He asked. There were quiet for a second. "Hey, are you okay?!" He asked me again and shook me. My mind went all clear again. "Yeah, Yeah! I'm alright!" I said, and dashed his hands away. But he grabbed my hands, and locked them with his. "If you're feeling uneasy, just tell me," he said. "Witch you're definitely not right now!" I shook my head. "No, I'm perfectly fine!" I tried to convince him. But it didn't help much. "No you're not! In your condition neither of us are gonna let you take the bike home!" "What!" I was angry now. "How am I suppose to get home, then?! And what about my parents? Don't you think they will notice if my bike isn't there in the morning?!" "Did your parents see you come home on your bike?" He kept me in a tight grip. "N... No, but..." He cut me of. "Fine. Then there's no problem, right?" You'll just tell them, that you forgot your keys, and one of the teachers have them, so you had to walk home." "But..." He cut me of again. "You're gonna ride on the back of my bike," he said with a smile, I absolutely didn't like. "No. Way!" I shouted at him. "Hush! The animals can hear you!" He held a hand in front of my mouth. "Hmmf!" I dashed his hand away once more. "Do you mind?!" I whispered angry. "No," he smirked. "I don't." I got afraid for a second. For a good reason. He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me over to the bike. "No, I don't want to!" I boggled and tried to get free. He looked down at me, with an angry face. He pushed me down on the luggage rack, and looked me in the eyes. "Does it look like you have any choice?" He leaned over me. "I can sit by Viola!" I said and got up. "Not even an option," he said and pushed me down again. "She doesn't have one." I looked in her direction. He was right. She had one of those smart sport bikes with no luggage rack. I cursed by myself. In the end, I just crossed my arms, and let him get it, as he wanted it. I looked up, and could see a big smile on his face. He knew he'd won and sat down. I took a little hold in his jacket. He sighed. "If you don't want to fall of and die," he said and looked back at me. "You gotta hold on tighter." "I'll be just fine! I have extraordinary skills, when it comes to balance. Besides. I would rather die." "Women," he said and rolled with his eyes. I prepared for the start. But it didn't come. Instead two giant hands grabbed a hold on my small hands, and forced them around Seth's body. "Hold on tight," he commentated with a little laugh in his voice. I blushed. He started up the bike, and I could feel the mussels work underneath the shirt. I could even feel his six-pack under my fingers. My face was pure red right now. "Now what," I thought. "I couldn't just let go. Then I would fall of, and if not dying from the fall, then break something. My parents will definitely notice, and I'll be grounded for the rest of my life! And..." I breathed out. "I think too much," I mumbled and let my head bump into Seth's back. "Everything alright back there?" Seth asked. "No!" I answered him. "You convinced me to do the exact opposite of what my real intentions was! How do you expect me to be alright with that?!" He laughed. "Yeah, everything seems fine to me."

It went way too fast, getting home. When he stopped, I jumped of, and waved at them as they left. I snuck in again, and jumped of to bed. Not literally, they would hear me that way. I thought about the evening. About us laughing and joking around. But the best part was definitely the part, where I rode on the back of Seth's bike. I looked at my hands. I could still feel his body heat, and the mussels working underneath my hands. And with that thought in my mind, I slowly let the sleep take over.

Here from, everything I knew from this life, would never be the same again.

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