The secret within me

Amy is an normal, fifteen year old girl. She goes in high school in the northern part of the village Zureal. But she has a little problem. Her parents. They are way too overprotective. They never give her permission to anything, there has with night time to do, and every time she asks why, they blame it on the area. Zureal is a village with a lot of dangerous predators. That doesn't bother Amy. Actually, she think the predators are very fascinating.
So one night she's asked out by her crush, Seth. Amy decides to break the rules and sneak out. It was something never to forget.


4. Three Days: Day one

The alarm went of, and I got up with no hesitations. I took out what ever from the closet and ran downstairs to grab a bread and took of. "Bye," I shouted to them. "Have fun," they responded. I ran out of the door, and just as I was free from the present of mom and dad, mom shouts: "Amy! You forgot the keys to your bike!" "Urg." I went stiff. I gathered myself together and turned around. "No mom. I forgot my keys by one of the teachers yesterday, so my bike is still at the school. I'm going to get it now! See you." Big, fat lie, right there. Yes, I was going to get my bike, but first I wanted to go to my special place. And they could know nothing about it! It was MY secret place, and mom should have no permission to destroy that, as well as the other private things of mine, she has possessed. "Okay," she shouted. "Be careful!" I waited till she closed the door, and ran in the opposite direction of the school. I was heading for the forest. I'd heard from the radio, that some people had found tracks of some kind of cat animal. I had to investigate it!

There were about 3 miles to the forest, so I had to get my bike first. It was the same way, so it didn't really matter. It didn't take long either. I jumped at my bike, and went for it.

There where no people near the forest. There were always big crowds and it was almost impossible to be alone without any trash around you, even though the community cleaned up every night. It was awful, but I enjoyed being there anyway. It was still a mystery why there weren't anyone around. I don't think it's because of the mysterious animal. People actually were here because of the animals, and it couldn't be that dangerous, could it?

I threw away my bike, and searched my back pack for things I could have forgotten. A flashlight - for the dark part of the forest, a lunchbox and water bottle - for lunch. A knife - if the animal should attack. Sketching book - for drawing the cat. Extra clothes - if I get wet. A book and IPad - boredom, and my phone - for pictures and if my mom decides to call me. Didn't seem like I missed anything. I packed everything again, and started to wander in between the big trees.

I sneaked. I didn't want to wake up any other animals. Specially not the dangerous kind. I stepped on a stick, and I froze. I looked around, no one noticed. I breathed out the air, I was holding. "Swush," I heard. Automatically I flew to the left. I prepared for the ground to hit me, but it didn't come. Instead my hands set of, and I landed on my feet with one leg bowed and the other stretched out to the right. I opened my eyes. What just happened? I stood up, and looked around on my body, to try find any bruises. Amazing, I wasn't hurt at all! I looked to the right to find a arrow sitting deep in a tree. I stepped closer. I could've been dead if it wasn't for my amazing new reflexes. "OMG! AMY!" I heard from behind. A hand landed on my shoulder. I turned around, and swung my hand with me. I stopped my fist 2 cm from his face. "Wow," he took his hands up like he surrendered. "Seth! What are you doing here?" I asked. "I could ask you the same thing!" He got me. "I..." I tried. "I... I was looking for the new coming animal." "Didn't you hear?" I looked at him with asking eyes. "Probably not. But the people who runs this forest, said that it was too dangerous for others to be out here. Because of the animal, and it doesn't make it better that you're actually looking for it!" He looked down at me with slightly angry eyes. At first, I was a little scared over his reaction, but slowly instinct took over, and I got mad. "How dare you," I pointed at him, and took a step towards him. "I was almost killed by YOUR arrow, and I would almost bet that you are here for the same reason as me. To find that animal! Except from that you would probably kill it, while I just want to see what it is! What do you have to say to your defence?!" He stood speechless for a couple of seconds, before his anger took over as well. "You know what?! I'm maybe here to find the animal as well, but yeah, I'm here because I want to kill the thing that's threating all of us, while you're out here, because of what..? Getting killed? Besides, I'm sorry about the arrow, but you looked like an animal, and I shot!" "You almost killed me, you jerk!" "I'm sorry, but I didn't. And those reflexes, I'm just saying, you didn't have them yesterday." He shrugged. "I know! But they were here this morning, and I don't know how I got them!" I took one more angry look in his eyes, and then walked away. "You still almost killed me," I mumbled and hit his shoulder. "Auch! Hey!" He complained and ran after me. "It's not my fault!" "Then who's fault is it then?" "Yours!" He said, like it was obvious. "How is it my fault?" "It just is!" He looked away. "That's no answer." We discussed all morning.

"No," I shouted "Yes," He answered. "No!" Ye..." He stopped, so I tried to say it before him. "N..." "Hush," he held a hand in front of my mouth. I dashed it away. "Becoming a habit, huh?" I whispered. "Hush," he said again, and I shut. He took two steps towards a bush. Looked closely and drew out his bow. I wondered what he was doing, and stepped towards him and watched just as closely at the bush. "Stay back," he whispered. "No I won't." "You don't have a weapon, I do. Now. Stay back!" "I don't care..." I never got any further. Two golden eyes lighted up from the bush. We both stopped moving. Standing completely still. A black cat came out, and just stood looking at us. "Okay," Seth whispered quietly. "Walk backwards, very slowly and say nothing." I nodded. We tiptoed back, but I stepped on something that made a loud sound. "Run!" Seth said. I rushed in the other direction than Seth, but realised it too late. The, as it seems, Panther started to run, and in my direction. I grabbed for my bag, but I had forgotten it back by my bike. "Shit," I said to my self, and ran faster, but not fast enough. Something grabbed a hold of my hair, and I landed on the back. A black shadow went in front on the sun for a second. I tried to get up, but a paw pushed my shoulder back to the ground. I struggled to get out of the grip, but it didn't move a bit. He snapped after my neck, but I avoided. This panther was extremely slow at this point. I dodged every try he made. He rose his head, and stopped. He looked at me, as if he didn't understood why I could dodge the attacks. "AMY!" I looked behind. Seth was running towards us. But he couldn't shoot, because he also could hit me, if he tried. The panther jumped of me, and I got up. I looked at him. Weird enough, he didn't run at first, but turned around towards me, and bowed. Then he ran away. Seth came from behind, and took my wrists in a tight grip. "What the hell were you thinking!" He asked. "You could've been dead! Why did you run in the opposite direction?!" "But I'm not! And I thought you were running the same way, and when I realised that you weren't, it was too late!" "Then why didn't you scream?" "I was too scared, and my voice wouldn't come out! Okay!" Tears started running down my face. I wiped them away, but more just came. I turned away, so Seth couldn't see. But he realised it because of my shaking shoulders. "Hey, it's okay. I wasn't mad, I was just worried, okay. You don't have to cry." He pulled me in for a hug. Did he really think I was crying, because I thought he was mad? Hell no! I pushed him away. Even though I liked him, that was too much. I shook of the shock, and walked angry over for my bag. "Hey," he shouted. "What did I do? I just wanted to comfort you!" I gave him a long mad stare and just walked away. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" I kept walking. "Hey!" Just ignore him. Suddenly I got a sense of danger. Seth tried to grab me, but I avoided it, and nocked him to the ground. I tripped as I realised the grip, and fell so I landed on him. "Auch," I complained. He saw an opportunity and turned me around, so my back was squeezed to the ground, and Seth above me, holding my hands in a solid grip. "What did I do? I'm not letting go before you say it." I tried getting out, but he was too strong. I stopped struggling. He didn't even move a little bit, so why would I bother. Instead I turned my head, so I didn't looked him in the eyes. He waved his head from left to right to get the eye contact, but I avoided him every time. He became pissed. He gathered my hands in one of his, and used the free hand to grab me around my cheeks. He turned my face towards his. "If you don't tell me, I can't help you." There was a long break of silence, until I broke it. "Who said that I need your help!?" I practical shouted in his face. "You did!" He shouted back. "Your eyes. Today, they have almost screamed 'help' all day." Stupid ass. "My eyes are not screaming for help from you, that's something else." "What?" he asked. His grip around my hands had loosened. I twisted around and got free. I took my bag and ran over to my bike. Seth were up, but before he could reach me, I was gone. I got what I came for.

I took a detour before going home. It took an hour, but it was good, the pain in my legs were like a relief. And when I came home, all I did was go upstairs for bed. Mom had shouted something, but I didn't hear it. I went out like a light, and slept until the next morning.

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