The secret within me

Amy is an normal, fifteen year old girl. She goes in high school in the northern part of the village Zureal. But she has a little problem. Her parents. They are way too overprotective. They never give her permission to anything, there has with night time to do, and every time she asks why, they blame it on the area. Zureal is a village with a lot of dangerous predators. That doesn't bother Amy. Actually, she think the predators are very fascinating.
So one night she's asked out by her crush, Seth. Amy decides to break the rules and sneak out. It was something never to forget.


1. Prolog

Once upon a time... No, this is not a fairy tail. It was a normal Friday afternoon... No, not that detailed... Ah, I got it! I was nine, and it was the first time I was asked to stay overnight with one of my friends. Of cause I had to ask my parents first. But even though I had never asked for such a thing, they gave me a strait ahead, no. No reason why, I was just told to be home at 7, and I couldn't say anything to argue it. We had a very strict rule about being home early, or else they would come get you themselves, and give you a long and "Valuable" lesson, about being responsible and bla bla bla...

So I could never stay overnight, be out late, go to parties with my friends or anything that had something to do with staying up late or all night. I even had to sleep at 10:30, or else they would give me a pill, so I would fall asleep at the same time.

And so it had been all my miserable life. Even now! I turn 16 today, and I have never seen the world at night. Always the same drill. Be home at 8 or else... I'm sick of it! But soon... All that is going to change.

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