Competition for Love

Arabella is a happy girl with lots of friends and a happy life in hot California. What she doesn't know is her friend Luca has had a thing for her since freshman year of high school. What happens when the hot new guy, Landon moves to their school from England. Who will win? And whose heart will be shattered?


1. Chapter 1

* Arabella *


BEEP! BEEP! I hear my alarm on a Monday morning meaning it is time to get up and get ready for school. I don't like going to school but I do like going to see my friends and to get a good education. I’m not a nerd or anything but I don’t  have the worst grades either.


I am a 17 years old and i'm in my last year of high school. I have chestnut hair that goes down my back and glowing green eyes. I’m not the slimmest person out there but I do have a great body and a right amount of breasts.


I got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. After my quick shower I put on some dark blue skinny jeans with nice shirt and some boots. I went downstairs to see my parents and my siblings. I have one older brother and one younger brother. I’m the only female child.  


“Good morning” I told my family. They all mumbled back a quick good morning. I quickly grabbed an apple and a nature valley bar and made my way to school. I usually walk to school but sometimes my friend Aubrey picks me up.


I finally arrive to school and am greeted by my best guy friend Luca. We have been best buds since we twelve years old. We didn’t start off as the best of friends but then we started hanging out more and we became besties. “Hey Bella have you seen the new guy” a girl that I sometimes talk to asked. “No I haven’t, I didn’t even know their was going to be somebody new moving in!!” “Oh well their is and he is totally yumallisiouse” she replied. “Cool” I said and with that she walked away. Hearing the warning bell ring I said a see you later to Luca and went to my class. As I was heading to class bumped into a wall. last time I checked walls didn’t have arms.


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