The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


4. Safe Haven

The police car turned the corner, throwing me against the tainted glass window.

John had kids of his own,and popped in one of their old pre-school tapes for Adelynn. Ten minutes filled with "The wheels on the bus go round and round" went on before we arrived to our destination.

Safe Haven Shelter  was spelt on the arch of the brick building.

Blake got out of the car, yanked the door ajar and looked at me with sparkle in his brown eyes.

"We are here Emery"

I flushed at the way he called me Emery instead of my real name.

"Thank you both for helping me and Addie" I said gratefully, snatching Adelynn in her carrier. Both of the gentlemen nodded in return and waited until I was fully out of the vehicle before speeding away.

I surveyed the enormous brick building before walking in. I knew that I could trust the staff here to look after Adelynn when I decide to get a job. before I could take in the all the new atmosphere a woman with kinky red hair and cheeky freckles boasted out from behind the front table.

"Hello! I'm Mrs. Hanson and welcome to Safe Haven. If you are here to stay, we would be happy to give you are room until you are back on your feet!"

She was nearly screaming her words. Although I was near deaf, her excitable personality gave me a rush of hope.

"I do need one room until I can get a decent job, but then I am out of here!" I said to her in a stern but friendly tone.

"Absolutely fabulous!, and who is this lovely little lady?" she spoke referring to Adelynn

"Adelynn Rose"

She was intrigued by Addie that it was almost a bit creepy. She kept creeping towards her making baby noises.

I cleared my throat in search to get her attention

"Oh yes right, your room key!" she said being taken out of her own crazy world with my daughter.


The room was quaint. It had a bathroom , two beds, a small box of child toys,and a tiny cooking area. the walls were painted a washed red and the curtains were white with sheer material.

Straight away I stole a complementary fold up crib from the lobby, set it up in my room and put Addie and a couple toys inside.

I had not taken a shower in 4 days and was dying to have one.

The warm water felt amazing running down my bruised body. Soap entered and left my hair stripping the dirt and grime from it. 

I had Forgotten all about my health the last couple of days and have given all the food I can get my hands on to Addie. After my shower I raided the small ice box. My prayers had all been answered. In the frigid box was 3 cans of formula , about 6 packages of microwavable dinners, a breakfast muffin wrapped in clear plastic, a bundle of water bottles and canned baby foods. I jumped up and down with joy from my sighting.


Throwing the empty jars of baby food in the trash can provided, I knew for the first time in a long period that Addie was fed and safe. She was my everything.Her smile could brighten up my day.

I put Addie in her new crib as she drifted into a dream. I too was tired.

I laid there in the bed looking up at the ceiling smiling. "Good job Emery" I thought to myself. I wore my blue and pink bunny pajama shorts and a vintage Looney Toons grey sweatshirt.

Cozy in my clean clothes I started to drift away in the night.

I was halfway asleep when someone boomed on my door. I rushed over to the door and peeked through the small sight hole.

A tall man with grey hair and a black collared shirt waved at me.

I hesitantly opened the door. When I fully opened the door I noticed he had the same tattoo Greg had on his left hand.

"Hello!" his dark deep voice catching me off guard.

"Who are you?" I said terrified,cutting him off.

"You don't remember me Sage?"

"No i'm sorry, I don't" my eyes grew three times the size because he knew my real name.

"I'm Greg's best friend"

A evil grin appeared on his face. His eyes completely black with hate.




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