The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


12. Red and Blue Flashing Lights

Greg slowly regained his balance as he stood from the mountain of coffee table glass. His face dripping with blood. Purple and blue streaks were bulging from his arms.

"Oh your going to get it now you bitch!" he shouted at me

He came at me fast, but Luke jumped in front of him and knocked him back down to the ground. His body echoed as it hit the wood flooring. Greg was quick to attempt to stand back up. As he did, Luke got the nearest dinning chair and swung it at Greg. The chair busted against the bastard's head. Wood chips flew in the air around us. I started to think Luke was enjoying kicking Greg's ass. Greg was not about to give up just yet. Once more, Greg gathered himself from the ground and stood.

"who the hell do you think you are?" Greg sassed Luke

"Luke Hemmings" he replied and with that Luke punched Greg square in the nose. For the fourth time Greg was lying on the floor hopeless. His muscles did not move not once. I thought he had killed him.

"Did you kill him!?" I shouted

"No he is just out!" Luke shouted back. He was rubbing his now bruised knuckles. I ran up to him and asked if he was okay. "yeah, I'm fine" he replied.

We both sat down on the couch and waited for the police to arrive.

I was still completely shocked by what I had witnessed. I begun to shake and the same feeling I had when Greg first hit me came rushing back. Terror came across my face and the thought of the police taking away Addie swirled in my brain. They would think that I could not take good care of her on my own. Tears fled out of my eyes. I was a complete mess now. Shaking and crying.

"Hey" Luke lifted me chin, " everything is going to be fine Emery " Luke said. He wrapped his arms around my shaking body. His body heat was slowly calming me down,his hands slowly rubbing my back in small circles. I buried my head in his neck. I could hear his steady heart beat and it was almost in sync with mine.  My breathing calmed and I stopped shaking. "Don't worry I am not going anywhere" Luke said placing his arms tighter around my body.

I still was afraid.

I was not afraid of Luke because of his will to almost kill Greg, but I was afraid, because I did not want him to leave my side. I felt more safe with Luke now. He had risked severely getting hurt for me. I never wanted to be alone without him now.

I was released from his grasp and I looked him in the eyes. "you know what?"

"what?" Luke replied

"I like you a lot too." I whispered as he gave me a smirk. His cheeks flushed rosy pink.

I got up and went out to the truck to bring Addie inside now that it was safe. The yellow door screeched open and out hoped a bright, blonde, blue eyed, 5 year old Adelynn. Her light up Disney princess shoes sparkled in the pitch black darkness outside.

"Are you okay?" I asked her

She squished my face into a ball, "yes, of course mommy!" Her wit never seemed to fade. I picked her up and put her on my back, so I could give her a piggy back ride inside the house. Once we returned, I found Luke making Mac n' Cheese in the kitchen.

I quickly set my daughter down on in a dinning chair, "Oh good god Luke! Why are you making food?"

He laughed and looked down on me, "because I thought Addie would be hungry", he looked back at the bundle of joy ,who was swinging her feet back in fourth in the chair ad asked, "are you hungry princess?"

Addie's face light up like a Christmas tree. Her eyes got big and she hopped out of the chair and ran to Luke, "yes!" she yelled. He took a break from stirring the pasta and poked her little round nose, "okay then."


"this is very good thank you" I said to luke chopping down on the maccoroni.

"your welcome"

I turned to Adelynn, "how is it Addie?" I asked her.

She studied her bowl and then glared at me, " I ate it all" she said. Her face was covered entirely in cheese. We all laughed and Luke took our bowls.

"you don't have to, I will" I said as he reached for my platter.

"please, you both have had a rough night, let me" and off he was taking the bowls.

Next thin you knew the door was practically broken down by banging, "open up it is police!" a man hollered. I trotted to the door, releasing it wide open. The man rushing in and looked at all of us. His face was confused, "I received a 911 call from this address?"

"yes, he is over there" Luke replied pointing to a knocked out man on the floor.

"Okay. Is everyone okay, anyone else hurt?" we all shook out heads no. He seemed to be surprised for some odd reason. " I am going to bring in my partner and he is going to take statements from all of you." the officer said. He left and returned with a familiar man, who had a notepad and a black ball point pen in hand.

"john?" I asked the other gentleman. He looked up at me and a smile grew ear to ear.

"Emery! It is so good to see you again." he came over quickly and gave me a hug. "I haven't heard from you since we took you to safe haven!"

"I know! the bastard I was running away from is that guy lying on the floor!" I said pointing and laughing at Greg.

"Did you do that to him?' John asked

"No, Luke did." I beckoned Luke to come and meet my friend John.

"I want to thank you for keeping this woman safe, she is one hell of a lady and has a rough time." John whispered in Luke ear pulling him aside. "She deserves way better than that douche lying there on the floor." Luke replied. They both chuckled.

"I better get a statement from you Emery" john the said.

Without a single word, Luke came up behind me and causually wrapped his jacket around my shoulders and pranced away. "The things he does." I giggled and gave john my word.


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