I Can't Think Straight

Iris has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful best friend and does extremely well in school. She also has a great boyfriend that she adores!
But one day, when her best friend Morgan confesses to her that she is Bisexual and has feelings for her, Iris begins to question her own sexuality, and her own true feelings for her best friend. Does she really love her in a best friend/sister way? Or is it more..?

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5. Chapter 4

I pushed  the door open and step inside. Looking around the bathroom I see no one inside, but I do see one stall closed. Maybe that’s Morgan?

"Morgan?" I yell.

There was no answer; I guess Morgan not in here. I sighed and waited 5 more seconds until I place my hands on the door again.

"What?" asks a voice.

I automatically realize that the voice belongs to Morgan. A smile starts to form upon my face. I found her! I do a little jump in excitement. I found her! Now all I need is to talk to her, and find out what’s wrong before lunch is over.

"Morgan! I been looking all over for you-"

"Yeah, whatever; now what do you want Iris?" snaps Morgan. Even through the venom I'm her voice is clearly altuable, I could sense through her voice that she been crying.

My heart sinks. Have she been crying? Why?

"Morgan," I begin with carefulness. "have you been crying?" I start to walk towards the stall,  I then lean my head against it so I can hear Morgan better.

"Go away Iris." she responds not opening up.

"M, answer me. At least open the stall door and come out, or else I will go in there myself. " I threated.

I'm 100% serious right now. If she doesn't open up I will go inside that stall. There’s an opening underneath the door and if I have to, I will crawl inside that stall to find out what's wrong with my best friend.

Morgan stays quiet and doesn't respond for a little while. Few seconds later I hear shuffling around in the stall. I then hear her unlock the door.

"Move out the way unless you want to get it in the face with this door. " Morgan warns.

I move out the way and less than a second I do Morgan comes out of the stall. She looks down at the floor before walking past me to the sink. I could see that her Mascara was running down her face.

I walk towards her slowly, and wrap my arms around her. She then leans into me and starts softly crying. I rub my hands up and down her back to comfort her.

We stay this way for 2 minutes until the bell rings signaling it was the end of lunch and it was time to get to our 4th period class. Morgan pulls away and starts to wipe her eyes. "We have to go to class." She sniffled

She then takes a paper towel, wets it, and wipes away her running mascara. She then leaves the bathroom leaving me shocked and confused.

What the heck just happened?


The rest of school was horrible. The only thing I could think of was what happened in the bathroom. She finally softens up to me but then when the bell rang she went back to her cold self and left.

I tried to get her attention in class but the whole time she either ignored me completely or started talking to someone else. Maybe she is jealous of me...

No, if she was jealous I don't think she would be ignoring me like this. Nor do I think she would be crying, something is wrong and I really want to find out what.

After school ended I walked to my car and waited for Morgan. We always drive to and back to school together so I always wait for her. After about 5 minutes I see her walking with out --but with someone, a girl in fact.

I squint my eyes a bit to see if I could recognize the person she was walking with. I finally give up after realizing that they are a bit too far away for me to recognize who it is.

Morgan and whoever she was walking with start to walk towards the girl car. The girl sat in her car while Morgan followed sued. I furrowed my eyebrows together. What the hell Morgan?

The girl then started the car and they began to drive out of the school parking lot. But before they drove out of the parking lot, the girl's car passed mine and I got a glimpse of who the girl was.

The girl was Violet Yardner.

Anger began to full my body. I can't believe Morgan just ditched me like that! She didn't even say anything! She could at least say she was driving home with some else today! I should have expected this to happen though. She ignored me all day should have known she would have done this.

With a grunt I started my car. I'm going to talk to Morgan today and find out what with her!


Once I arrive into my neighborhood, I quickly drove to my house. (I may or may not have gone 20 miles above the speed limit. Woops...) I parked my car in the driveway and I grabbed my bookbag from the passenger seat. I opened my car door and slam it shut from anger when I get out. I walked towards the front door and stuck my key inside the lock and open the door.

Whenever I get home from school I'm the only one home. Since my younger brother --Ryley-- has tutoring basically every day of the week and my parents are both working I'm home alone till 5:30 so I'm home alone for two hole hours. Don’t get me wrong, I am so not complaining! I love being home alone.

I raced up the stairs and enter my room, I threw my bag onto my bed and dash back down the stairs. I then went into the kitchen and search the draws for an index card and a pen.

Once I find them I quickly write a note to my parents telling them I am going to be a Morgan’s house and I may or may not be home in time for dinner. I signed my name and type it to the fridge.

I marched out the front door locking it behind me and head over to Morgan’s. Her house is only a 5 minute walk from here so I decide to just walk. No need to waste gas.

Once I reached her house I took a deep breath. It’s time for me to get an explanation; and I'm going to get one even if she likes it or not. I pressed my finger against the doorbell keeping in there for 2 seconds before letting it go.

Here goes nothing…


This book is also available on wattpad. 


Bye for now! :)


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