I Can't Think Straight

Iris has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful best friend and does extremely well in school. She also has a great boyfriend that she adores!
But one day, when her best friend Morgan confesses to her that she is Bisexual and has feelings for her, Iris begins to question her own sexuality, and her own true feelings for her best friend. Does she really love her in a best friend/sister way? Or is it more..?

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4. Chapter 3

"You're just gonna sit there?" Questioned Jayla as she pointed at me, "Go after her!"

"B-but," I began as I look towards Jayla, I kept open my mouth to say more but nothing came out. I then close my mouth and look at the cafeteria doors.

Should I go after her? Maybe Morgan just needs sometime alone. No, I gave her time, two whole class periods to be exact. She doesn't need any more time, I need an explanation.

I spun around and nodded my head towards the group. I then stood up and collected my trash and threw it into the trash can. I walked towards the front of the cafeteria. I need to catch Morgan. I need an explanation on why she’s acting this way!

Suddenly I bump into a figure in front of me causing me to stumble back a bit. "Oh, I'm sorry." I apologize without looking at the figures face.

"Where are you going?" says the figure's voice.

I look up and realize the voice belongs to Cayden. "Cayden," I sigh, "I can't really talk now I have to find Morgan." I sigh as I run my hand through my hair in impertinences

Cayden furrows his eyebrows together and places an frown on his face. "What’s wrong babe?" I could sense worry in his voice. I wish I could explain it to him but I simply just font have the time at the moment.

"Like I said, I can't talk now I have to find Morgan. I'll tell you about it later." I assured as I pushed past him.

Right before I walk out the Cafeteria doors I look at Cayden. He still has is eyebrows furrowed together and I can see confusion in his eyes. I gave him a small smile as I open the doors of the Cafeteria and walk out.

Where could she be? I look at the clock that’s above the Cafe's entrance; I have 15 minutes to find Morgan and talk to her. Hopefully I will be able to find her.

I decide to check her next period class that we share together. I quickly walk to the classroom and try to open the door. It won’t open! I look through the glass of the door and see that’s it empty. No sign of Morgan anywhere in that classroom.

Maybe I should check the computer room? No, she wouldn't be there. We aren’t even aloud to be in there without teacher supervision anyway.

I slump down to sit on the floor, I then lean my head against the wall. Where could she be? I wonder how much more time I even have left now. Probably about 10 minutes.

A realization suddenly clicks in my head. The library! That’s the only place where students can go and not need teacher supervision anyway! Well that and the cafeteria, and the bathrooms, and- well you get what I mean.

I quickly stand up and had towards the library. Please Lord, let her be in here! If she isn't then I just have to talk to her about this later I guess.

Out of nowhere I bump into someone causing us both to fall to the ground, and making me hit my head on the floor in the progress.  Seriously?  Again this happened, this is the second time today.

"Ouch." I groan as I rub my while still lying on the floor.

I look to see who the person I bumped into and see that’s its Harry. He was on the floor rubbing his head too, he also didn't have his glasses on, his glasses probably fell off when we bumped into each other.

"Damn." Harry groans as he sits up right. "That hurt man." He looks to see who he bumped into and realizes it’s me.

"Oh sorry Iris." he says, he looks for his glasses, once he found them he picks them up and places then on. He gets up then gives out his hand to help me up. I kindly accept his offer and stand up.

"It's fine Haz," I begin, "it's my fault anyway, I wasn't looking where I was going and I bumped into you, sorry."

He gives me a crooked smile as he pushes his hands into his pockets. "So where were you rushing to? If you don’t mind me asking...”

"Oh its fine, I was just rushing to the library." I say, I notice his surprised look and laugh.

"The library?" he laughs, "Eh, I don't believe that." he chuckles

I laugh a bit too with him, "I was looking for Morgan. She ran off during lunch and I'm trying to find her."

"No offense or anything but, I wouldn't check the library. How about the girl's bathroom or something?" he suggested with a shrug.

Hmm, I never thought about that. She probably wouldn’t be in the library anyway. Plus what do I have to lose? I might as well check the ladies room anyway.

"True, yeah I check the bathroom instead." I agreed

"Cool," Harry smiles, he then looks at his watch and then looks back at me. "You might want to go now though, you only have 7 minutes left of lunch so you better hurry!"

I nod then thank him; I walk quickly to the girl’s bathroom. I decide to go to the one closet to the lunch room, it’s more likely she would be in this one since it’s the closest to the lunch room.

Once I'm outside the girl's bathroom, I stop for a minute. Should I go in there? Maybe she does need some time to herself.

No, I already spend half my lunch looking for her plus banged my head against the floor! I sigh and shake my head, the things I do for my best friend... I push all my thoughts a side, and go into the bathroom. Here goes nothing.




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