I Can't Think Straight

Iris has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful best friend and does extremely well in school. She also has a great boyfriend that she adores!
But one day, when her best friend Morgan confesses to her that she is Bisexual and has feelings for her, Iris begins to question her own sexuality, and her own true feelings for her best friend. Does she really love her in a best friend/sister way? Or is it more..?

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2. Chapter 1




Trust me; I don't have a thing against them or anything! I have loads of friends who are gay and lesbian! I just couldn't be a part of that category. To see me -a girl- kissing/being with another girl is definitely not my cup of tea. I'm a straight as a pole and the only thing I'm attracted to, is men!

Besides, I have a boyfriend that loves me and that I love to death. So I can't be attracted to girls!


"Another day in this dreadful place they call school." muttered my best friend Morgan, as we drove to school. 

We had the windows down since it was near the end of August and it was still pretty hot outside. Both Morgan's and I brown hair was whipping around and tangling a bit as I sped down the street, but we didn't care. It was nice having the windows down. 

"Hey come one M," I began, looking at her for a quick second then placing my eyes back on the road. "It’s not that bad!" 

"Whatever Iris." she muttered, "You only like school cause you're popular."

"I'm not popular." I denied.

The rest of the ride was filled with silence; not exactly a comfortable one but not an awkward one either. A few minutes later I pulled into the schools parking lot and parked my car.

Morgan took off her seat belt as I took one last glance in my car’s rear view mirror. As I took off my seat belt and closed my car door I could see Morgan was already heading towards the school without me. I raced to catch up with her.

There were a few kids standing in front of the school, probably waiting for their friends so that they could enter into the school with them. I waved to one of them and the girl waved back with a huge grin.

Morgan scoffed, "Yeah, so not popular."

I hit Morgan's arm, "Why does it matter if I'm popular or not? It’s just stupid high school and we will be out of it in like, 9 months anyway."

As we walked into the school more people waved and stopped to say hi to me. The whole time Morgan was by my side rolling her eyes each time. I don't know what’s up with her today. Maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, I don't know.

We continued walking through school until we got to our homeroom. Morgan and I sat with our other 2 friends- Jayla and Cassidy- they're a couple. There are only 4 homosexual couples in this high school and Jay and Cass being one of them. 

The nice thing about our school is that it is very gay friendly since about 45% of the school is part of the LGBT community. There's a ton of Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Demisexuals, Gays, and much others around here.

There are still a few homophobes here though, but what school doesn't? It doesn't matter though cause the ones that are homophobic just keep to themselves most of the time.

"Morning Jay, morning Cass." I greeted as I took a seat front of the two.

Morgan kept walking till she went to the back of the class and sat down with other group of girls.

"What's up with Morgan?" asked Jayla noticing Morgan’s attitude

I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know. I think she just awoke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Jayla nodded letting the conversation about Morgan go and wrapped her arms and Cassidy and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making Cassidy blush. I awed from the cuteness making Cassidy blush even harder while flipping me off.

I laughed, "Love you too Cassidy."

Cass stuck out her tongue, and smiled at Jay and kissed her on the cheek back.

Cassidy and Jayla been going out since the middle of sophomore year, so far they been together for almost 2 years. I would tell you the story of how they got together but, it’s too long to explain. So to cut it short Jay asked Cassidy out one time at a party we went to and she said yes.

"Good morning homeroom!" announced our homeroom teacher Mrs. Fetcher “Let's take attendance now shall we?"

"Rachel Abellis?"


"Georgia Brann?"


"Todd Cal-"


After we finished taking attendance we had a few more minute left of homeroom to goof off. Soon the bell rang signaling it was time to head off to first period.

I said goodbye to Cassidy and Jayla and headed out the door. I waited by the entrance for Morgan, since we had 4 out of 6 classes and lunch together we would walk to the same classes we had together.

Hopefully these 10 minutes gave her time too cool off and stop being in such a pissy fit. Cause whenever Morgan acts like this it’s get very annoying and we end up fighting and not talking for almost 2 days.

A few more seconds past by and Morgan walks out the classroom and walks past me. I raise my eyebrows. What the heck?

I catch up to Morgan, and pull her to the side.

"Let me go Iris." Morgan says as she tries to shrug me off.

"What is your problem M?" I question ignoring her last comment and hold on to my grip on her arm.

"Let go of me." Morgan says again while she stares her grey eyes into my brown ones.

I roll my eyes and let go of her. "Fine, since you want to act like a bitch today I'll just won't talk to you." I say as I push pass her and walk to my 1st period class.

What is up with her? I didn't even do or say anything to annoy her today! So why is she acting like this? 

I strolled into my 1st period class, English. I said hello to my teacher, Mr. Hicks and strolled to my seat.

In this class we had assigned seats so I sat on the left in the back. It’s okay though cause it’s a window seat so I can see the view of the front of the school.

Unfortunately I was the first one here so I just sat in silence until the rest of the class began to fill in. Right as the bell rang Morgan rushed into class.

"Sorry Mr. Hicks I was-"

"Just take a seat Morgan." Mr. Hicks said with annoyances clear in his voice. 

Morgan nodded and headed towards her seat which was next to mine. A few people snickered but Morgan shot them a glare which made them stop in their tracks and ended up making me chuckle a bit.

Morgan looked at me but, as quickly as she looked at me she looked away. She then sat in her seat and took out her stuff she needed for class.

I rolled my eyes. If she wants to act this way, fine. I'll just do the same thing.



THANK YOU for read Chapter 1 of I Can't Think Straight!

I hope you enjoyed it 

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