Hello I'm Khaila. I'm a seventeen year old girl in an orphanage. I've been in here since I was four well anyway I share a room with Rose she's five and so adorable. I've been hoping to be adopted but who wants a seventeen year old girl. All I want is for Rose to go to a loving home.


3. Chapter 3

"I have to take Lauren to her friends house then I'm going to Harry's soccer game will you two be okay alone?" Anne said.

"We'll be just fine," Ashton said quickly and I just nodded.

"Good," She said and they left. I got up going to my room but before I could get there Ashton pinned me to the wall in the hallway. I looked at him biting my lip softly

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I want you," he mumbled against my neck.

"Ashton I'm your sister," I said back.

"Not by blood though," he said and started kissing my neck. I extending my neck for him and he put his hands on my bum picking me up. I wrapped my legs around him. "I really want you" he said and I nodded. He carried me to his room and laid me down on the bed I bite my lip looking at him. He took off my clothes then took off his and we all know what happened then.

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