Hello I'm Khaila. I'm a seventeen year old girl in an orphanage. I've been in here since I was four well anyway I share a room with Rose she's five and so adorable. I've been hoping to be adopted but who wants a seventeen year old girl. All I want is for Rose to go to a loving home.


2. Chapter 2

I went to answer it. I opened up the door to see that guy from before I just nodded leaving the door open laying back down.

"So can I come in?" He said.

"Sure whatever" I said continuing to write in my journal. He walked in and sat on my bed "What do you want anyway?" I said not looking up.

"I like you" he simply said.

"Already?" I looked up at him this time. He just nodded. "Riight okay" I went back to writing. It sounded like he was about to say something but the next thing I know his lips were against mine. At first I was taken aback but then kissed back.

He smiled at said "The names Ashton by the way."

"Khaila" is all I said with a smile.

"Kids dinners ready," Anne shouted from downstairs. We went to the dinning room and sat down. There were to other kids. A boy he looked around 10 and a girl she looked around my age, 17. I smiled and ate when I could feel Ashton putting his hand on my leg. I tried to ignore it at first but them he started pulling on my shorts. I slapped his hand away and Anne looked at me. "What was that?" She said.

"Oh I just had an itch sorry," I said and she believed it.

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