Fame (Part 1)

July 29, 2014 was supposed to be the most important day of my life. It's not everyday you get invited backstage to meet The one and only Justin Bieber. Unfortunately all the money and the fame can only do one thing to a person.


2. Just A Fangirl

Just a Fangirl

I kissed Jessie on the cheeck, and watched him walk down the driveway. I walked inside surprised to see all the lights where still on.

"Hello?" I looked around searching for mom and dad. '

"Sitting Room Sweetheart," I followed my dads voice to the sitting room and greeted them quietly. I sat beside Daniel wondering what on earth would cause a 'Family Meeting'.

"Is something wrong," I looked over to my mom.

"No sweetie, You Father and I have decided to let you see the 'Justin Beaver' Kid"

"Bieber," I corrected her slightly.

"If," She continued, "Daniel can come with,"

I groaned. Surely he would do something to embarrass me. But what's the worst that could happen? I nodded in agreement, before going over to hug each of them. I hurried upstairs quickly dialing Jessie.

"Hello," He answered breathlessly

"Have you been running?" I questioned sitting on my bed.

"It's nothing. Just those creeps from earlier,"

"Are you home now?" My heart race quickened at the thought of him getting hurt.

He chuckled slightly, "Yeah I'm home,"

"Well My mom said yes," I squealed once before jumping up and down.

"That's Great Sweetheart, But what's the catch." I laughed slightly proud that he knew my mother so well.

"Daniel has to come," I sighed picking up a piece of cotton off of my jacket.

"That's not so bad," I nodded agreeing with him. I looked over at the clock reading, 9:45

"I have to get ready for bed, I love you Jess"

"Love you two Meg," We did our routine of waiting two minutes before hanging up. I walked over to my closet changing in to zebra striped pajama pants and a white tank top. I put my hair in to a pony tail not bothering to take my bandanna out.

I put on a face mask and waited ten minutes before washing it off. I slipped in to bed drifting off to sleep.


Ms. Miles, Breakfast is on the table," I woke up too Donah knocking on my door.

"I'll be there soon," I groaned rubbing my eyes. I got up and slipped on my white rob. I splashed my face with water before going downstairs.

I quickly had a breakfast of, Pancakes, Grits, And Eggs. And one or two glasses of orange juice. I rushed upstairs and grabbed my lilac luggage set. A suitcase, a carry on and purse.

I stuffed my suitcase with clothes and essentials including, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, etc.

I sighed wondering what I would be doing if I hadn't have signed up for that contest. I mean backstage passes and two whole days with Justin Bieber. My heart fluttered at just the thought of it.

**Next Day**

I looked at my clock reading 4:06am. There was no possible way I could go to sleep. I was too excited.

I quickly took a shower forcing myself to slow down picking out my clothes. I eventually chose a navy blue skirt and a white tank top. Topped of with my baby blue toms and see through crop top. I put on my baby blue overcoat which basically covered my who outfit.

I curled my hair putting on a white beanie. I only had a granola bar for breakfast, afraid that I would throw it right back up.

I wiped my sweaty palms on a dish rag, before going upstairs and packing my purse and carry on bag. I quickly woke up Daniel begging him to get ready.

After an Hour we were piled in to our limo heading to pick up Jessie.

Our driver helped Jessie with his bags and soon enough we were off to the airport. I could barely contain my excitement.

Jessie laughed as I droned on and on about Justin's Favorite things. After what seemed like forever we finally arrived at the airport and boarded the plane.

"Jessie I'm bored," I whined. Five more hours to groaned I'd meet my Idol. Jessie looked at me once before leaning in to kiss me.

"Break it up you two," Daniel sat between us and I groaned loudly, "I liked it better when you were in the bathroom,"

I sat back in my seat pulling out my laptop. I logged on to twitter and quickly tweeted something.

proper_megs: Can't wait 2 meet you 2 [@justinbieber]

Only minutes after I sent the tweet my phone blew up from notifications. I didn't check them knowing they were probably hate.

I sighed racking my brain for something to keep me busy for five hours. My shoulders slumped and I leaned on Daniel, Smiling as sleep took over me.


I woke up in a bed, which actually terrified me. I gripped the sheets and quickly sat up. I looked at the edge of the bed staring at my blue toms and overcoat.

I clenched my hands in to fist trying to remember what happened. I got up slowly looking around the apparently hotel room. I sighed in what was almost relief, once I realized I was alone. I went back to the bedroom and noticed a note on the dresser. I picked it up quickly reading it.

Went To get food, Be back Soon

                          Love Jess.

I laughed to myself. I slept the whole way here? I grabbed my suitcase and unpacked my clothes putting them all in the top dresser. I checked the clock on my phone and my heart skipped a beat once I realized we had thirty minutes to get to the arena.

I paced back and forth wondering where on Earth they could be. Just as I grabbed my phone, Daniel entered the room smiling, "The traffics Terrible Here,"

I resisted the urge to slap him and say, "Meeting My Idol is at Risk Because of the 'traffic'"

Instead I smiled and grabbed the subway bag from his hand setting the table. We ate in total silence. Once we were done I grabbed my phone once again checking the time. My heart skipped a beat when I realized we had fifteen minutes to go.

I dragged Jessie out of his chair and quickly slipped on my shoes and overcoat.

"Daniel We have to go Right Now," I yelled. I ran outside and quickly hauled a cab. We piled in and I groaned at the traffic ahead of us.

I tapped my foot nervously. Five Minutes. The cab stopped and I quickly threw money at the driver climbing out of the cab. I raced towards the back of the arena, and stopped in my tracks once I realized the body guard was closing the door.

"Wait!" I called breathlessly. I ran for the door with all the might I had.

"I have," I stopped catching my breath, "Passes," I showed him my pass and he nodded giving entrance to all three of us.

"I guess you'd like to see his dressing room first," The bodyguard guessed. I nodded excitedly. The boys sat on leather couches not bothering to follow me. I held my breath as we approached his dressing room.

The bodyguard knocked three times paused once and knocked once more before opening the door for me. I stepped in with my eyes closed and opened them one by one.

I almost passed out when I realized the Justin Bieber was a literal foot away from me. Staring, Dead. At. Me.

I smoothed down my hair smiling unable to speak.

"Who are you? What do you want? An autograph or something,?" My mouth dropped in shock at the tone of his voice. I stared at him memorizing every detail.

New Haircut. New Attitude.


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