Fame (Part 1)

July 29, 2014 was supposed to be the most important day of my life. It's not everyday you get invited backstage to meet The one and only Justin Bieber. Unfortunately all the money and the fame can only do one thing to a person.


1. Beginning

Only the beginning

I squealed once more, as I hit the replay button for the music video baby. Even though the video was years old I had to congratulate him for reaching one billion views.

"Meghan Dinner," I sighed slapping my laptop shut. My mom gets cranky when I'm late for lunch. I lazily hurried downstairs. I rubbed my brother Daniels hair, messing it up slightly. He groaned flipping it. Honestly I joke with him twenty four seven, but without him I couldn't live. Although I'd never admit it.

I sat beside him, watching as my dad set a plate and a glass cup in front of me. I waited patiently for my mom and dad to sit down so we could pray and eat. Once everything was settled we quickly said grace.

I watched as our maid, Dona filled my glass up with Welch's Peach Mango Juice. I said my thanks and sipped it slightly before adding mash potatoes to my plate. I stuck a whole in the top filling it with gravy. I chuckled slightly as this reminded me of a volcanoes.

"Stop Playing With Your Food Meghan," My mom stated sternly.

Before I had time to respond my dad spoke up, "She's only having a little fun"

My mom opened her mouth but I quickly cut her off, "I'm sorry It won't happen again,"

I sighed relived that I had stopped an argument. I added beef tips to my plate and chewed slowly deep in thought, "So about Friday?" I questioned quietly.

"I have to work. You can see Justin Beaver Another time Meghan. I'm terribly sorry," My mom stated not looking up from her plate.

"Bieber," I corrected with a slight attitude. Before I could stop them tears swelled up in my eyes, "Mom I'll Scrub the floors with a toothbrush. I absolutely have to go,"

"We have Dona for that," I scowled mad at how mother could treat Dona like a slave.

"Well I'd be good for publicity. I mean think of how the public would react. Most people couldn't even afford backstage passes," I stated. Surely she'd have some interest in this.

"Your Father and I will talk about this later," I groaned quickly rolling my eyes at her. We finished dinner in silence. I wiped my mouth and quickly asked for permission to go up to my room. My mom nodded quickly dismissing me. I ran upstairs and quickly resumed my video.

All the while I was dialing my best friend/boyfriend Jessie.

"Hello?" He sounded as if he'd just gotten up.

"Jessie it's One O'clock" I rolled my eyes giggling.

"Well normal people get to sleep in," I sighed. I could only dream of sleeping that late. Around here 'Sleeping In' was considered Nine O'clock or Earlier.

"My moms still not sure," I grinned stupidly as Justin rolled over the pool table in the video.

"Well she has to yes, I mean this is a once in a lifetime opportunity," I smiled once I realized he was still on my side.

"I'm coming over later, so I have to get ready" I heard the sound of a bed creaking on the other end, "I love you Jess"

"Love you too Meg" We both waited in silence for two minutes before clicking the end line. I shut down my laptop fixing the creases in my bed. I looked around my room frowning. It was completely white. White lap top. White bed. White rug. White carpet. White chair. White paint. The only color I had was the collection of nail polish and lip gloss I had on my white shelves.

I also had seven Justin Bieber Posters. I looked at each one kissing each of them on the very corner. I closed my door and went in to my bathroom. I sighed as the lilac bathroom set soothed me. I slipped off my white jumper and keds. I turned on the hot water and brushed my hair, waiting for the water to fill up. I put rose petals in the water turning the water a light shade of red.

I lit a few candles and turned the water off. I clapped my hands twice and the light went off making the candles illuminate the room. I slipped in the bath and sighed letting the water let all the tension out of my body. My phone buzzed and I quickly grabbed it of the floor.

I held it up so it wouldn't get wet by the water and read the tweet someone tagged me in.

@justinbieber: looking forward to meeting @proper_megs backstage July 29.

My heart literally pounded out of my chest causing my phone to slip out of my hand. I quickly tossed my hands to the side and my phone clattered against the tiled floor. I screamed loudly for a minute or two before taking deep breaths to calm my self.

Now I absolutely had to go.


"Daddy Please," I whined pulling on his arm.

"'ll talk to your mother about it" He twisted the knob for the front door and I pulled on his arm stopping him.

"You have to persuade her, Daddy I'll do anything," My eyesight became blurry and I quickly buried him in a hug.

"You Promise You Will?" I held my breath waiting for his response.

"I promise princess." He patted my back before heading out of the door. I smiled waving at him through the window before going back upstairs.

I stared in the mirror, seeing if my outfit was perfect. My pink floral pants were a yes. My white tank top was perfect topped with my teal overcoat. My white keds were great. And the bandanna on the top of my head only topped the outfit off.

I sighed in relief heading back downstairs. Just as I reached the last stair the doorbell rang. I opened it casually and Jessie instantly buried me in a kiss. I pulled away laughing, "Hello to you to Jessie,"

I opened the door and he walked in presenting me with a dozen White roses. I smelled them before kissing his cheeck, "Theses are wonderful,"

I put them in a vase by the stair case and filled them with water.

"I was wondering if we could walk to the top of the hill today?" Jessie admitted shyly. I bit my lip thinking. The top of the hill was at least a fifteen minute walk. But it had a lovely trail in the woods we could walk on.

"That's be perfect," I grabbed his hand leading him towards the sitting room.

"Mother, Jessie was wondering if we could walk to the top of the hill today?" She looked up from her newspaper acknowledging Jessie.

"I didn't know you were here," She pulled him in to a friendly hug before saying yes. I kissed her cheeck before following Jessie out the back door.

We reached the trail and I kicked a nearby rock.

"Guess what." I bit my lip from excitement.

Jessie looked at me giving me a questioning look.

"Justin tweeted me," I jumped up and down from excitement.

Jessi grabbed my waist holding me still, "That's wonderful," He smiled brightly kissing my forehead before continuing our walk.

We had at least three more minutes before reaching the top of the hill and my feet were killing me, I didn't complain though. I heard rustling coming from the woods and I stopped slightly scared. I coward towards Jessie and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

We continued walking but more slowly. Before I could acknowledge anything someone jumped out of the woods pushing Jessie away from me. I gasped reaching for him but someone grabbed my waist tightly covering my mouth.

I closed my eyes, hoping I was dreaming. I looked up to see someone with dark make up looking down on me. He let go of me and walked back in to the woods. Jessie picked me up bridal style and looked at me worried.

"Are you ok?" I took a deep breath before nodding. The Jefferson's were total creeps. They were always creeping on people, making them uncomfortable. They pulled mean and dirty jokes, and barely said a word.

Jessie carried me the rest of the way and put me down once we reached the top. I smiled at the butterflies roaming everywhere.

We walked up to the little café and both ordered chameleon tea and a cheese Danish. I bit in to the Danish and sighed.

We sat down at a table and ate our snack in silence.

"Are you sure you're ok? I mean they came out of no where," Jessie questioned.

"Yeah I'm fine. I was a little scared but I'm fine," I sipped the last bit of my tea before leaning over the table and placing a sweet kiss on his lips. I smiled and looked him in the eye, "So if we go backstage, how do you think it'll be?"
"Everything you dreamed of" He answered this honestly. I smiled and closed my eyes imagining how it'd go.


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