Micheal's Twin

WARNING: In this book there is a little bit of language so if you don't feel comfortable with it don't read it but if you are than please read it! Thanks! ❤️

This is basically a happy story about my life with some twists and turns here and there
Oh my name? Hi I'm Morgan Clifford, Michael's twin sister!


1. Chapter 1

Morgan's POV

It's been three days since I've been alone, sitting in my boyfriends apartment watching Netflix and eating all the ice cream... I say it's been boring. But there's still another week till my boyfriend Alex comes home from his trip!

Oh I almost forgot, my name is Morgan and I'm Michael Clifford's twin sister.. Ya pretty crazy right my brother is in one of the most famous boy bands around! I don't see how it's such a big deal? Were all humans, but these ones got into theistic business.

At school me and Michael have to go with our mums last name so we don't attacked by fans, and trust me in our school there's a lot. Of course me and Michael have to hide our incredible hair!It sucks! We both dye our hair the same colour, how ironic!

Just incase you were wondering, me and Luke have been Best Friends since like birth and we do everything together. So I miss him like a lot.. I miss his hugs, and cuddles!

Michael's POV

Oh I'm so excited! Today is the day that me, the band and 1D are going to surprise my sister back at Alex's apartment! And another big surprise, Alex flew back early so he can surprise her.

We are almost to her house and I can actually feel how excited Luke is!

" Dude calm down! I know your excited but oh my god you don't have to whisper I'm soo excited in Ashton's ear a million times! " I said laughing

" Sorry Mikey, I just can't wait to see her! God I missed her like hell! Why couldn't we take her on tour with us? " Luke sadly said

" I don't know but it would've been a hell of a lot more fun with her there! "

" Maybe she didn't come because she wanted to stay with Alex? " Calum spoke up

" Oh I almost forgot! Thanks for picking up at the airport guys! " Alex said happily

" It was no biggy! " Ashton said nicely

" Guys I was thinking about how we could enter the house. Luke you are going to go in first alone. You're going to stand.... "

And after I was finished telling them the plan the car pulled in the driveway, here we go.

Morgan's POV

I'm so lonely. I hate being alone, did I mention that? Whatever but I can't be alone anymore! I need other humans to interact with or I'll go nuts!

Right now I'm watching Netflix and I hear someone pull into the driveway. I walk up to the window and I see.. OMFG!

" Lukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! " I jump on him and wrap my legs around him for a hug!

" Hey Morgan! I missed you! " Luke said very happily

" What the hell are you doing here? Are the rest of them here? "

" Nope it's just me! I felt a little sick and were on a little break right now, not doing a show for and month or two! So I thought I'd come here while the guys visited their family's! " Luke told me

" Then where's Mikey? "

Michael's POV

As soon as Luke gave me the signal I ran out of the car into the back door. I'm so excited to see my sister, I've missed her so much. I actually don't think we've been away from each other for this long.

I start heading towards the front door and I hear Morgan say " Then where's Mikey? " I was telling Luke just to tell her lets go to the kitchen and eat cause I'm starving. When she turned around you should've seen the look on her face! Man she's pretty! She has the eyebrow piercing, like me, the lip, like Luke, her double ear piercings, her belly button and her tongue. Some people call her a freak but I think she's the most beautiful person I've ever seen!

" Hey sis! "

" Mikey!!!!! Omg I missed you sooo much!!" she said while jumping into my open arms like she did too Luke.

She turned around to say something to Luke

" You lying little shit!" As she smacked him playfully in the stomach.

"Ouchy that hurt! I'm telling Ashy!" Luke whined like a baby.

Luke ran outside to get the other boys and signal the 1D boys to start heading up. He ran back in with Ashton and Calum who were also ready to be attacked by my sister.

" Ashy, Morgie hit me! And what did you tell her about hitting me!" Luke told Ashton in his baby voice

"I sowey Lukie I didn't mean too. Ashy please don't get me in twoble!" My sister said mocking Luke

"Ok you kids quit fighting were supposed to be having fun!" Ashton said like a dad?

Harry's POV

As we were walking up the front steps to Morgan's house we can hear children fighting?

"It's just Luke and Morgan fighting like babies again!" Lou said

"Oh I got confused there? I started thinking Michael and Morgan had little siblings!

"Oh god no! Their mum told me after Michael and Morgan she is done with children!" Zayn exclaimed

"I'll knock ok guys! Ready 3...2....1..." Niall knocked on the door very loudly actually.

"Now who the hell is it?" We hear Morgan say

She opened the door and her face dropped.

"Omg heyyyy guys!!!" She gave us all big hugs

As she turned around to talk the other guys I snuck outside and signalled Alex to come in.

Morgan's POV

I turned around to talk to Mikey but I hear this really familiar voice behind me that is not any of the guys?

"Hey don't I get a hug?"

I turn around and see,

"ALEX!!" I ran up and gave him the biggest hug ever

"Hey babe! I missed you!"

"I missed you too!! But I thought you were in Jamaica?"

"Michael and the guys flew me in early so we could all surprise you!"

I turned around and I faced Luke with the ' I hate you ' look on my face and he just broke down laughing!

"What the hell Luke! You lied too me you little bastard!" I said to him in fake tears

"Sorry Morgan I didn't know it would bot- " Luke said believing me

"Gotcha!" I said

"Bitch." He spoke under his breath

"Stupid head!" I yelled

"Big dummy" he yelled back

"Now kids what did we just talk about back there!" Ashton told us like he was our dad

"Sowey Ashy.." We said in sync

"Ok here is the rest of the surprise! Morgan, were going too Great Wolf Lodge! All of 5SOS and 1D and you and Alex!"

"Are we allowed to invite friends?" Alex asked my brother

"Ya sure but only like four ok?" Michael responded

"Sure! I know exactly who too invite!" Alex kinda said evilly!

Me and Alex went into a separate room so I could ask him who he was inviting.

"Babe who are you thinking about inviting?" I asked

"Kyle, Ryan, Smitty and Lucas why?" Alex said

"Lucas?" I gulped

"Oh shit! Sorry I totally forgot about what happened with you guys!" Alex said repeatedly calling himself stupid

Well I'm guessing you guys want to know the whole Lucas story.

So back I'm grade eight we were getting a tour of the high school to see where stuff is. During one of the presentations they did Lucas was teasing my friends Dante for being bi-sexual. All the kids got separated into groups and Dante asked one of his tour guides if he could use the bathroom. After a few days he told me what happened in there. He had a panic attack... Once I heard this I was in tears. I felt like it was my fault for not saying anything to Lucas. And now I really regret it....

So on our graduation day of grade twelve everyone was happy! We were having fun at the after party and I notice that someone isn't there, it was Dante. So I called him on my phone

"Hey Dante where are you this party is the best!" I was a little drunk that night

He said " Morgan I need to tell you something, and it involve why I'm not at the dance.."

"It's alright you can tell me anything" I said having to shoot over the music, so I went in a different room

He said "I'm not there because I'm in the middle of dying"

"What do you mean your in the middle of dying?" I said a little more concerned

He said "Morgan I just drank like half a jug of bleach and I have a rope wrapped around my neck ready to hang myself."


I heard nothing on the other end, dead silence... I started screaming than I said for some reason


I ran to his house obviously no one caring or noticing I left so I called Michael and the guys, but first I called 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"My friend he's trying to kill himself! His house is right beside the hospital! Just get there as quick as possible please!" I said in a panic

I hung up and started to call the guys. They didn't pick up so I left ail lions texts and a message

"Michael you and the guys need to come to Dante's house as soon as you get this! He's trying to kill himself! Just please hurry!"

I finally make it to Dante's house don't even worry about knocking cause he's the only one home. I run up to his room and it was too late... My best friend literally just took his life....

I kneeled on the floor next to him screaming at him to come back, even though it's too late. Michael and the guys ran through the door with the paramedics behind them. I turn to them and say,

"It's too late.... He's gone.."

I run up to Michael and hide in his chest while the paramedics take care of Dante.

"I can't believe I'm never going to see him again..." I started wildly crying

*End of Flashback*

"It's alright! How about Devyn instead?" I told him

"Alrighty how about I call Smitty and Ryan and you call the others!" I said a perky like

I go into my bedroom to call the guys, I always call Smitty first cause I love talking to Ryan for a really long time! He's like a second brother too me!

"Hey chicka!" Smitty says all enthusiastic like

"Hey Smitty we need too talk." I said seriously

"Uh oh what did I do this time?" He said laughing

"I was wondering if your busy for the next two weeks?"

"You know me of course I am!" He said

"Ok so my brother and a bunch of his friends me and Alex and some of his friends are all going to Great Wolf Lodge and your one of the friends that were inviting! Wow that was a mouthful!" I said laughing

"Lol ok I start packing see ya love!"

"Bye Smitty" I hung up and went to Ryan's contact which is under Hottie. Don't ask he put that there and I kept it to keep him happy.

"Hey what's cookin' good lookin'!" Ryan practically screamed troughs the phone!

"Hey hottie vas happening?" I said mocking Zayn

"Hey that's Zayn's thing!" He said in a tattle-tale ish voice!

"Ha ha! Ok so I was wondering if you wanted to come to Great Wolf Lodge with me and the guys for the next two weeks?" I asked

"Sure! Oh and by the way I'm on my way over for food! See you soon!" He said like he was in a rush

"Lol ok see you soon Ryan!" I hung up and went to see Alex

"So? Are they coming?" I asked

"Yep!" He said popping the p

"Awesome! Let's go get some lunch, Ryan's coming over!" I said while laughing

"Ok I'll go pick up some Nando's!" He told me

"Ok bye!"

I ran downstairs to tell the guys the plan and as soon as I say food Niall screams like a fan girl! I swear sometimes he like food too much! I hear the door bell ring, Ryan. I open the door and here's what he says, as always...

"What's cookin' good lookin'?" He says

"Hey hottie!" I laugh

"Luke and Ryan I have a plan get your asses over here!" I yell at them

"So Alex went to Nando's to pick up food and we are going to go scare the shit out of him ok?" I tell them

"Awesome I'm in!" Luke says evilly

"Um ya sure I'll come...." Ryan said unsure of himself

"Hey Ryan can I talk to you?" Michael shouts across the room

Michael's POV

I tell Ryan to come over hear to ask him why he said he'll go with Morgan in the way?

"Ryan why did you says that you'll go with her like that?" I asked

"You'll find out soon...." He told me


Luke's POV

We were on our way to Nando's and Morgan looked worried but I didn't bother to ask her I just assumed she'll be ok.

"Ready?" I ask them

"Totally! I was born ready!" Morgan said happily now

"Ya sure..." Ryan said. Wow he's acting weird today?

We walked into the restaurant and the first thing I see is Alex making out with another girl! Than I hear "Happy Two years babe!" Than he kissed her again

I look over and Morgan and she was standing there in tears than she yelled


She ran out the door didn't get in the car she just ran back to the house. Me and Ryan got in the car as fast as we can and we drove after her.

Once we got to the house she was running through the door and we ran right after her. When we walked through the door we hear one slam than lock.

"What the hell just happened?" Michael asked worried

"Ryan tell them what happened while I go talk to her!" I pretty much commanded

"Alright just go hurry!" He told me

I ran up the stairs and started knocking on her bedroom door and I hear ripping and smashing everywhere. I knock on the door while saying

"Morgan let me in come on let's talk I know your upset but let's just talk come on please open up!" I told her

I hear the door creek open and I see tears running down he face, and make-up running down her face so badly. I run into her room grab a tissue and start wiping all the make-up and her tears.

"Luke, why does it hurt so much?" She said sobbing

"I don't know baby but you know it's going to be ok he's just a useless tool who doesn't deserve a beautiful girl like you! I know I hurts but we'll all help you through this alright?" I told her feeling pretty confident about what I said

"Ok, just so you know I love you guys for caring so much about me!" She said still sobbing and giving me and big hug

I hugged her back tightly and didn't let go. We probably say there for like twenty minutes!

"Luke can you go get Mikey for me I want to talk to him and see him?" She said actually still crying

"Yes sure anything for you!" I saying calling Michael

Michael's POV

I run upstairs as soon as I'm called.

"Hey.. Oh Morgan, it's gonna be ok he's just a douche! If he has the nerve to do something like that he's worthless! He doesn't deserve you!" I said

She patted the spot next to her I sat down and she gave me a hug. We sat there for ten minutes hugging. I literally didn't want to let go..

"Can you take me downstairs I'm ready to go see all the guys.." She asked

"Sure come on let's go" we walked out of her room and down the stairs to see 9 guys waiting to see her. We got to the bottom of the stairs and Niall runs right up to her and hugs her so tightly.

"It's gonna be alright Morgan. We'll go chop his balls off later!" Niall actually said seriously

"Ha yes please do that!" She laughed

She actually stopped crying and we were all sitting there watching Calum, Niall and Zayn playing FIFA.

Morgan's POV

I was sitting there watching a few of the guys playing FIFA while cuddled up into Luke. He had his arms wrapped around me and his head leaning on mine. We always do this but this time it felt almost magical? I started thinking is it possible that I like Luke? And is it possible that he may like me? My life is so messed up and confusing right now!

I went on my phone into my contacts to delete Alex's number and all the picture we took together and I friended him on ever social media site I have!

"Have you finished packing your bag Morgan?" I hear a thick Irish accent ask me

"Yes sir Nialler!" I replied giggling

"Haha just checking!" He laughed


Michael's POV

"Come on guys get your asses in gear we have to go pick up the four guys Morgan invited!" I screamed at all of them

"Where too first?" Morgan asked

"Ryan's cause it's on the way to everyone else's house and cause I know you like him best!" I told my beautiful sad sister

I keep noticing that she's wear a lot of bracelets lately. And I'm a little worried...

"Just a sec Morgan I have to go talk to Luke." I said while running up stairs

"Luke hey I need you too do me a favour." I asked

"Sure anything what is it?" He asked back

"I need you to secretly check what Morgan is hiding under all her brackets and long sleeves she's been wearing ok?" I told him

"Alright. Are you afraid the she's umm... You know." He said awkwardly

"Yes I'm terrified that she is!" I said

"Ok let's get to the car I'll try and look while were in there l, luckily she isn't wear a long sleeve today!" Luke said

"K let's go!" I suggested

Morgan's POV

We were on our way to Ryan's when I notice Luke is staring at all my bracelets. I'm thinking "uh oh this isn't good, what is he sees?"

"Earth to Luke! Whatcha looking at?" I wave in his face and snap my fingers to get his attention

"Oh uh sorry I was just looking at your um, cool bracelets!" He lied

"Okay?" I said not believing a word he said

"Were here! I'll text Ryan to tell him to get his ass out here!" Michael said breaking the awkwardness

The door opened and all I hear is...

"Hey what's cookin' good lookin'?" God what would I do without him!

"Hey hottie wassup?" I asked

"Eh nothing much just waiting for you guys to get here!" He said

"Now we just have to pick up the other guys!" Calum said

"Yep than it's off to where the tour buses are!" Liam said

"I'm sooo excited I think I'm gonna pee my pants!" I said

"It's a good thing there's toilets in the buses!" Zayn said laughing

I stuck my tongue out at him and turned around to gaze out the window to think back to why Luke is actually still looking at my bracelets?

Luke's POV

While I was "looking" at her bracelets I actually see some cuts... Oh my god, my best friend is cutting herself... Again...


"You're such a whore!"

"Do you see her she's more than that! She so fat!"

"And a bitch! Oh I forgot one slut! Look at her clothes!"

I hear several girls scream at Morgan. I walk over there and say,

"Hey all you bitches leave her alone!" I scream at them

"Oh look your little boyfriend came to defend you! What a loser!"

Morgan ran away towards the guys right into Michael. These girls are brutal come on were only in grade 9!

"I'm not her boyfriend! We've been friends since we were born and she's like a little sister too me! So fuck off and leave us, and her alone!" I scream

"Wow big boy knows some big boy words! Finally!"

I put my hands behind my back to give Michael the I need back up signal. I hear stomping coming this way and when he finally makes it he goes right into the bitches face.

"You say one more thing to me or my friends your so called popularity is done! Got it? So leave us alone! Especially her!"

Wow I've never seen Michael like that! But it worked! They never bugged her (well around us) she still came to me I. Tears and said don't tell Michael!

An I never did...

After I while I started noticing cuts on her wrists, upper arms and on her legs... She always wore long clothes even on hot days... I told Michael everything and all he said "let's try and help her without telling her we saw them"

*End of Flashback*

We got to where the buses and we already figures out who's on what bus

Bus #1: 5SOS, Morgan, Ryan and Smitty

Bus #2: 1D, Devon and Kyle

"Ok see you guys when we get there! I'm ready for any pranking that might happen!" Morgan said laughing!

We finally got on the bus and me and Morgan went straight to the bunk were sharing. We where cuddling when her phone started ringing. I looked over at it and the ID said unknown number? She answered it looking at me.

"Hello?" She asked

"Morgan! Thanks for picking up! You know that I'm sooo sorry right?" I heard his voice and I automatically took the phone and said

"Alex she doesn't need you anymore her life actually got a lot better without you! Get over it! She hates you now!" Then I hung up and hugged Morgan tighter!

Michael's POV

I was just chilling sitting around and my phone starts to ring. I look at the ID and it says unknown number? I answer it anyway!

"Hello?" I ask

"Um hello is this Michael Clifford?" Says what sounds like our old friend Dante?!

"Yes who is this?" I asked worried

"Really Michael? You've known me forever!" They said

"We'll tell me your fucking name before I hang up!" I said angrily

"It's me, Dante, Dante MacArthur?" He said

I just dropped my phone and all I hear is hellos and Michael are you ok what happened. Calum picked up my phone and started talking,

"Yello?" He said

"Hi is Michael still there?" Dante asked

"Well whoever you are you just made him go into shock... So what did you say?" Calum asked

"I just told him my name." Dante said

"Which is...?" Calum asked

"Oh my god do I have to explain it to all of you! Calum you know me!" Dante said

"How do you know my name? Are you some crazy stalker fan?" Calum asked

"No Calum it's me! Dante MacArthur!" He shouted

"WHAT?!??!" Calum said than called Morgan

She ran out if the bunk area with Luke trailing behind her.

"What did you guys do to him this time?" She said laughing

I stood up and decided I should be the one to tell her,

"Morgan take my phone from Calum and start talking to the person on the other end please!" I commanded

"What why?" She asked

"Just do it!" I yelled

"Ok ok!" She grabbed the phone.

"Hello who is this?" She asked

"Morgan oh my god I missed you so much!" She had that look like we did. She must've recognized the voice.

"D-Dante?" She asked

"Yeah?" He questioned

"NO THIS IS SOME SICK JOKE RIGHT? It's Louis or something! Come on guys doing a joke like this isn't cool!" She screamed

"Woah woah Morgan calm down ok! Shh don't cry alright it's not Louis it's Zayn. I'm sorry I didn't know it would affect you like this." Zayn said

"Zayn you sick bastard why would you do that!" I grabbed the phone from her and she ran to Luke.

"Sorry man but it actually wasn't my idea..." I heard something g on the other end

"Zayn you said you wouldn't rat me out!" Louis shouted, of course...

"Guys I know we said we'd prank but pretending to be someone that died that's important to us... That crossing the line.. We can still prank but come on please don't do anything like that?" I calmly said

"Alright talk to you later than.." Zayn said

"Bye!" I said hanging up

Morgan and Luke were already gone, I wonder what they do in that bunk...? I start walking back there and Luke is climbing down from the bunk.

"Hey Mikey can we talk in the kitchen?" He asks

"Sure!" We start walking to the kitchen and he starts talking

"Ok I just want to ask you if it's ok if I date Morgan?" Wow that shocked me kinda not really. I had a feeling he liked her.

"Ya man I totally trust you and I know she likes you!" He just smiled and gave me a bro hug and walked back to the bunk with popcorn.

Morgan's POV

While Luke was getting popcorn he let me play on his phone. So I went on his camera and started taking Selfies! When I was done I went to the photo album to look at them and what I see is a whole album with pictures of me and our selfies! It was called "Morgan ❤️". Oh my god, does Luke love me?

"Hey I'm back!" Luke said climbing up

"Hey!" I said

Once he got up and laid down his head turned towards me and I kissed him. The kiss was magical! Like our lips are meant for each other. He started to kiss back and we kissed for a really long time! And I loved every minute of it! We finally pulled apart and just stared at each other smiling.

"Wow. That was amazing! You don't know how long I've wanted to do that!" Luke said laughing with his cute little laugh

"How long?" I asked

"Since the day I laid my eyes on you." Luke said and I blushed

"Your so sweet! Oh and by the way, I love you!" I said

"I love you too! Will you do me the honours Morgan Jeanette Clifford and being my girlfriend?" He asked

"Yes Lucas Robert Hemmings! I will!" I said than kissed him again

For the rest for the day we cuddled, made out and watched movies.

I'm dating my best friend! I'm so happy!

Ashton's POV

Morgan and Luke were always hanging out together so I decided to sneak up on them and scare them! Like a good "dad" would do! I walk over to their bunk and I do t hear talking hmm weird....

"Gotcha!" I said while pulling the curtains back and I see them, KISSING??

"OMG Ashton you scared the shit out of me!" Morgan said and I'm still standing there shocked. I just turned around and pretended like nothing happened... awkward..

Michael's POV

Me and Calum were sitting on the sofa playing Fifa while Ashton just watched, of course, than my phone started to ring. We paused the game so I could check and see if it was important, it was my mom.

"Hello?" I said

"Michael you need to turn that tour bus around now!" My mom exclaimed

"What mom why?" I asked

"Your cousins are getting married this weekend! And you two have to be there!" She said

"Okay than I guess I have to call the lodge and tell the driver to turn around the bus." I said

"I already called the lodge for you, just go talk to the driver okay?"

"Okay mom see you in a bit cause we didn't get that far!" I said while hanging up

I started to walk to Morgan's bunk but I remembered I should knock first cause I don't want to see whatever's behind theses curtains.

"Morgan and Luke I have news everyone gather in the sitting area!

They opened the curtains and jumped onto the couch and started to cuddle.

"We can't go to the lodge anymore!" Michael said

"And why are you so happy about that?" Asked Calum

"Cause Morgan, Bill and Kirstie are getting married!" Michael said

"OMG REALLY?!?!??" Morgan jumped up

"Ya it's this coming weekend!"

*Wedding Prep*

Morgan's POV

I was with all the girls helping them get ready for the wedding, I was mostly helping Mikayla cause she was struggling with her hair. The girls look sooo beautiful it's insane! Now I wanna get married!

"Morgan!" I hear someone call me. I turn around and see Kirstie's best friend Lauren!

"Yes?" I ask

"Can you do up this necklace for me I can't get it?" She asked

"Of course." I say

Once I was finished with Lauren I went back over to Mik.

"Morg?" She questions

"Yes beautiful?"I ask

"Can I tell you something..." She asks hesitantly

"Of course you can tell me anything!" I say

"Uh I think I like Calum...... I know he's way older than me but he's cute and sweet!" She blurts

"Wow I didn't expect that! Why all the sudden?" I ask still fixing her hair

"I don't know. When they left for the tour I started to miss them all a lot but I missed Calum a lot!" She said blushing

"Well sweetie your 16 and he's 20.... You probably have a chance. But later in life okay?" I tell her

"Ya I know I was a little to young for him..." She says

We all pile into the car that's taking us to the field except me I took my own car. I get to the field and go straight to the trailer knowing that the girls will still take a while getting here. As I walk up to the trailer I hear running around and shouting... Children...

I open the door to see a Luke standing there waiting for me like a puppy!

"Well hello there!" I say laughing

He pulls me into a big hug and whispers " I missed you" into my hair. Man he's so cute! I look up and give him a quick kiss then we walk into the trailer to reveal a Michael and Calum playing FIFA and Ashton jumping up and down with little Noah.

"Here taking this crying pooping machine away for me!" Ashton says handing over the baby

"Ashton I already have to look after Noah all the time cause Sam has to go to school!" I say

"I'll take him babe." Luke says taking the baby from my arms

"Thanks!" I say giving him a quick kiss before we start gathering his baby bag together so we can head to the tent.

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